Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Spring today, Fall tomorrow?

I have a ticket to see Spring Awakening tonight, and I can hardly wait. The show won Best Musical at this year's Tony Awards. But here's the really cool thing. Spring Awakening is one of those shows where part of the audience actually sits on the stage. Very up-close and personal.

I really pounced on the opportunity to get an on-stage seat, especially since the show has a lot of sexy, lusty writhing. OK, that, plus the fact that on-stage seats are only $35. So what if I'm looking at the show from a side angle? I'm on a Broadway stage, baby! Woo-hoo! You'll have my review tomorrow.

Ah, tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow I and everyone else here at the Church Center will find out our fates of employment. The entire place is being reorganized, which is no bad thing - it could use a little streamlining - but no one knows where they'll fall in the new organization. What will my new job description say? Will my department be broken up? How will that work?

So you can see, there's no small amount of tension around here. It's been building for weeks. I only hope if they ax my job, they'll pay to send me back to Atlanta. Will Fall come early this year? Stay tuned!


Em said...

Wow...enjoy the show! And best of luck with the streamlining.

MaryB said...

em- the show was great. Now, to face the reorganization announcement today. Thinking positive . . .

Elsie said...

Guess I should read your posts in order!

Good luck on the job front. Hope it works out the way you want.