Sunday, September 09, 2007

Eye of the storm?

Last week was a real bear. On the up-side: I made my Broadway stage debut, and I received some very enthusiastic compliments about my marketing work for next year's big world mission conference and the department website I re-designed.

On the down-side, there was that unfortunate email blast (insert cringe here), and we learned a few more details about the reorganization of the Episcopal Church Center. I think I still have my job. Not sure if I'm going to have to reapply for whatever my new job description will be - news coming soon on that, I hope. Anyway, it's certainly not the first big reorganization I've been in the midst of (Turner's sell-out to Time Warner comes swiftly to mind), so I think I know how to survive. Or at least position myself for the next big thing.

The weekend has been uneventful, because I needed it to be. But things are looking up. Good friend Beth arrived from St. Paul last night, and I met her at La Guardia. Beth's in town for a conference and will be bunking with me in the ever-trendy Spanish Harlem. It's good to see her. My first New York house-guest!

I deserve a little pick-me-up to face the coming week and weekend. Who knows what's coming at me in the office today (or if they're in the process of boxing up my stuff and chucking it out onto Second Avenue)?

Friday, I start traveling again. It's been nice staying put since the end of July, but I'm back on the road with a vengeance. In fact, I have 3 trips in 5 days. Truly: Cleveland, Baltimore, and Chicago, with NY in between all of 'em. Pass the gin and pep pills!

Am I in the eye of the storm, or will it be clear sailing ahead?

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