Friday, September 14, 2007

Human Ping-Pong Ball

Here's my schedule for the next five days:
  • Today: New York to Cleveland
  • Tomorrow: Cleveland to New York.
  • Sunday: New York to Baltimore.
  • Monday: Baltimore to New York.
  • Tuesday: New York to Chicago.
  • Wednesday: Chicago to New York.
Whew! Tea and chocolate will keep me running, I reckon.


Anonymous said...

Hey, the other day it was going to be gin and pep pills to get you through this hectic schedule. Now you are adding tea and chocolate to the mix. I smell an intervention in your future.

Liz said...

So it'll be 'I'm in **, so it must be **' for the week for you? I hope you can remember if you're coming or going.

Em said...

Do you have to do the New York return trip every time? How about NY to Cleveland to Baltimore to Chicago to NY?

MaryB said...

Bro - fine, as soon as we have YOUR intervention . . . :-)

Liz - I think I'm in Cleveland right now but have to keep checking the hotel phone book to make sure!

Em - 3 sets of reservations made at 3 separate times. (I call it "meeting pile-on.") Anyway, I'm on Amtrak to and from Baltimore, so two by air, one by rail.

Joy Des Jardins said...

What about the last leg Mary....

New York to Looneyville....Looneyville to New York? YIKES!

Winston said...

Hot dang, Bobbie Sue! You're gonna burnout befo yo time...

MaryB said...

Joy - Wait! I thought New York was Looneyville! You mean there's another one??

Winston - Well, I'm coming South soon before I'm completely aflame!