Monday, February 01, 2010

In search of a famous twin

Facebook often has silly little themes that urge people to change their regular profile picture to something more (though not much) creative, like a childhood picture. This week it's Doppelganger Week. Post a picture of a famous person that you've been told you resemble.

Well, see, there's my problem. It's been years since anyone's told me I look like a celebrity. I don't feel I can reach back to the 1980's because all of my Facebook fans will do a double-take and slam me for not looking anything like my last celebrity twin. What to do, what to do?

For a while in the 1960's, I was often told that I bore a resemblance to Sally Field. Sally Field as Gidget, not the Flying Nun. Same pudgy face. Same hair. Same joie de vivre. I don't know. I can kinda see it, when looking at pictures of me from, say, 1966-68, maybe. And I still like to say "Tootles!" when I leave a room.

Then when Broadcast News came out in 1987, lots and lots of folks said I looked like Holly Hunter. Well, I was a television producer, and I did a lot of running around, crazed. Again, the hair, the wardrobe, the Southern drawl made it plausible. Never got to play any fun games with William Hurt, unfortunately. Sigh. On the other hand, I didn't break down, sobbing, when I was alone, either.

But I don't resemble either Sally or Holly now. So there's my problem with posting a celebrity twin.

What if I post the celebrity I feel like I resemble? I'm thinking pre-glam Susan Boyle. Another sigh. Guess I'll just let this Facebook fun-week pass me by and stick with my regular profile picture.

Do you look like someone famous? Lucky you!



Anonymous said...

When I was young I was told I looked like the actor, Peter Haskell (1970's TV show "Bracken's World"). In the 1980's I was told I favored Mick Jagger... (never did care for that one) Today, I have aged into an Ian McKellan, Gandalf the Gray. "X-Men" (I don't see that one either) Guess we really don't see ourselves as others see us. I'm thinking... Cary Grant.

MaryB said...

Wow - Peter Haskell. That's reaching back. (Whatever happened . . .) I remember that Ann Ziegler thought you looked like Young Doctor Kildare (Richard Chamberlain). Go with that one (the young Chamberlain, not the one who's had so much work done that he's unrecognizable).

chux said...

I can see the Sally Fields thing, which in my opinion is a nice compliment.

Problem with the people that I resemble, is that I agree with those that say it. Thats probably why I can't watch those same people if they are on TV, and I even find it hard to listen to them. Not pretty!

MaryB said...

Chux - OK, now I'm curious as to who folks think you look like!

Joy Des Jardins said...

You know Mary...I can see that you looked like Sally Field in her Gidget days when you were younger....easily.

When I was young...teens and twenties everyone thought I looked like Annette Funicello. Okay, I can see their point...dark features, dark hair, kind of built alike, similar features. I'm afraid Annette and I would look nothing alike today....unless she's packed on loads of weight; which I know she hasn't. Bless her heart, I know that she is very ill as a matter of fact, and has been for many years...I think with Multiple Schlerosis. Every once in a while I'll see an article on her. I'll say one thing...she was always a very cool and classy lady.