Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tugging on the Heartstrings

Yesterday, I posted to my GrandMary blog about being weepy in these days leading up to Daughter's impending delivery of my first grandbaby. The weepiness was enhanced by the Belefonte/Greene/Reynolds song "Turn Around" and the early-1960s Kodak commercial running through my head. Thanks to YouTube, I found the old commercial and posted it to the blog.

In honor of Valentine's Day (which is not real high on my holiday list, as you well know), I thought I'd track down a few other classic weepies to share. Here are my top 3 for your enjoyment.

Aw, c'mon. When Mean Joe Green tosses his shirt to the dejected little kid, don't tell me a lump doesn't rise in your throat. And only Coca Cola can cure it.

Hallmark and Christmas. Well. Geez. The little guy missing his big brother and the Grand Finale "O, Holy Night" part? More Kleenex, please.

But this one's still the best. Turn around and you're a youg wife with babes of your own. I can hardly type it. Sniff.

Now let's all go have a good Valentine's sniffle. Cure? More chocolate.

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