Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard 2010

New York City is in the midst of a February blizzard. Last weekend's snow totally missed us (poor Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia got slammed twice), but we've had a solid day of hard-blowing snow that's slated to continue through the night.

I could've easily made it in to work this morning, despite the snow. I live right around the corner from the subway station, and I'm sure I could've worked my way up the hill from Grand Central to Second Avenue. But yesterday as we were leaving work, my boss told us to work from home today. And I really did work most of the day, thanks to phone calls and emails. Plus, I got to work in my pjs (not shorty ones).

But I did manage to get out twice. Once around 10am to tramp over to Thomas Jefferson Park and the East River, and once around 4pm to slip and slide my way to Central Park. I love snow, and I love the definition it gives to trees, railings, and benches. It was really blowing, making it hard to see sometimes, but the forays to the parks were worth the wet coat and gloves.

No snow day tomorrow, though. Stay warm and toasty, all!


Anonymous said...

lil sis

Joy Des Jardins said...

Yep, I know Mary. My daughter Jory was in town since Monday on business staying at my other daughter, Julie's, place in Short Hills, NJ. All her meetings got canceled yesterday. NJ schools got closed so everyone just hung out at Julie's all day. I assume everything was back to normal today...I hope. Love your pictures...really cool. You guys really did miss some of the more
'evil' stuff....I'm grateful for that. We got walloped Tues./Wed. here in Chi-Town...and I'm not sure we're done either....Geesh!

Stay warm...and dry sweetie! Hugs, Joy

MaryB said...

Bro - it really wasn't that cold: low 30's, windchill high teens. Pictures do look cold, though.

Joy - NJ and south really got smacked. We got 10-12" here in NYC but the winds were crazy yesterday. All back to normal today, though I think another storm is coming through Monday? Stay warm in Chi-town!