Monday, November 12, 2007

We gather together . . .

. . . all the stuff I'm bringing to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. I leave Friday afternoon, so it's time to start sorting what goes and what stays. I know that sounds as if I'm moving back (I'm not), but after moving all of my holiday decorations and the good china north with me, I have found that I need to haul some stuff back south.

Kate is hosting the family Thanksgiving this year - if my count is right, it'll number around 16 people - so it's only right and proper for her to have some of the Thanksgiving decorations that graced our house for all those Thanksgivings of yore. (I know you're thinking "Thanksgiving decorations????")

And the china. Well, that's a problem. I moved everything to New York because the thought of leaving Mother's china and my china in storage bothered me. The funny (ha-ha) thing is that I don't even have space for a kitchen table in my tiny apartment, but I have two full sets of china stashed away! At least I know it's safe.

There's no way I can afford to ship it all back at this point, but my plan is to carefully swaddle the plates only (8 of Mother's, 8 of mine) in the linen table clothes and napkins, plus bubble wrap, and pack them in my carry-on. Do you think china plates will freak out the security people at the airport? I'll get back to ya' on that.

I know you're thinking, Sheesh! Just eat on paper plates!, and we could do that, of course, but Thanksgiving's so much nicer on the good china, especially since it has graced our table for so many years. Plus, it's a good way to get the family heirlooms back down to Kate. Alas, I only have room for 16 plates, so I'm foregoing all the cups and saucers, bread plates, salad and soup bowls, and wonderful serving pieces. I do need to find a way to bring one of the platters, though - for the turkey, doncha' know.

Bit by bit during the week, I'll pack what's needed for my Thanksgiving trip. With so many valuable items heading south, last-minute packing is out of the question.

So, I will gather together to ask the Lord's blessing as I prepare for the feast of the season.


Jay Branum said...

Mary- give me a call if you make it up this way...I'm in the book.
Have a happy thanksgiving , and good luck on the "China Transport".

Elsie said...

Sounds great, Mary, but a lot of work for you (I understand completely why you resist paper plates). What a nice mom. Can't wait to hear what security does with this one!

"Thanksgiving decorations????" Me, too. Now you've given me a good idea for later in the week (I haven't put them out just yet). Plenty to laugh at I'm sure.

And about that turkey...this year remember that it must go on the table BEFORE slicing ;)

Winston said...

Don't forget to load up on tea and grits for the return trip.

MaryB said...

Jay - I'll only be in Atlanta over the holidays. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know our paths will cross again one of these days!

elsie - Yeah, fingers crossed everything makes it through security gently! As for the turkey carving, I'll leave that up to Greg re: whether he wants to do it at the table. I'm bettin' - ummmmm - no! :-)

Winston - Luzianne and grits are on my list, babe! They'll take the place of the china plates on the way back!

Liz said...

THat is going to be an interesting journey! Let us know how it goes!