Friday, November 09, 2007

Latest rage in plastic surgery

At lunch yesterday we got into a discussion about the heavily face-lifted women of the Upper East Side. We were laughing about the fact that they all look alike and that the high-priced Manhattan plastic surgeons must have a one-size-fits-all mask.

"Yeah, but that's all about to change," said a friend at the table. "I predict the 'natural' look is on its way back and younger women will start pounding down the doors of plastic surgeons to stop stretching and start sagging their faces!"

Well, the race was on, and everyone jumped in with future plastic surgery requests:

"Can you give me more crepiness and wrinkles around the eyes? My top lids don't sag over my lower lids."

"Thinner lips, with those lovely little perpendicular lines!"

"Can you take some of my butt fat and inject it under my chin for more neck flab? I'd like it to swing in a stiff wind. Mmmmm - sexy!"

"And while you're at it - save a little of that butt fat for my jowls. I want them heavy enough to pull down the corners of my mouth."

"More age spots! Just tattoo them on until I get some of my own."

"Can I get a nose-hair/ear-hair transplant? The bushier, the better!" (That from a man, not a woman, thank goodness. We weren't about to go that far.)

Well, you get the drift. We're all hoping against hope that the natural aging look will soon be the cutting edge (literally) of our nip/tuck world. And with that in mind, I'm looking pretty good this morning!


Anonymous said...

Then the TV show, "Nip/Tuck" will be replaced with "Bags/Sags".

MaryB said...

Yes, and they'll be beating down our doors to star in B/S (which is funnier than N/T, "face" it).

Anonymous said...

Well if 'natural aging' does become a craze...I won't need a thing....I'm perfect. YOU however, may need a little work. ~Joy

Liz said...

I've got the jowls, the lines, the bags - yip, I'll join you in hoping for a revolution!