Sunday, November 04, 2007

NYC Marathon Part 2: The Real Folks

All the champions have raced and won their glories, so now it's time for da' peoples to get their due. Here are a few shots from the 5th Avenue/Central Park end of the race (roughly between miles 22 and 23 in the 26-miler).

You can see the the street-packed field of runners as they head toward the south end of the Park.

I can't believe that folks are still standing at this point (never mind, running!), after hitting all five boroughs. By the time they reach this point (NW corner of Central Park - 110th and 5th), they know they're almost at the finish.

Lots of vocal supporters line the route. It's amazing how many actually spot the mom, dad, co-worker, or whomever they've come to cheer on. A lively bunch!

As always, a few brave souls sport various git-ups. Sponge Bob, Robin (but no Batman - hmmm), fairy princesses, Scotsmen in kilts, and all sorts of goofy headgear. Sponge Bob does look like he's in the zone, eh?

OK. That's enough for me today. It's hard work being a side-line, "Woo-hoo! Good job! Good job!" person. And all that clapping! I've gotten my upper-body workout at this marathon, I tell you.

Now I'm going to put my feet up and take a little nap.


Rattman said...

I'm Robin! I ran the NYC marathon & yeppers.. it was meee! you can see my pic at Flickr my handle is thecanonrattman & thanks for the props.. & yes.. no Batman.. he stayed in Cali

MaryB said...

Hiya, Robin! I'll post the pic I took of you (though it's a bit blurry). Thanks for the update on Batman!