Sunday, November 04, 2007

NYC Marathon Part 1: The Serious End

Strolled over to 1st Ave. to check out Mile 18 of the NYC Marathon. I really wanted to see Paula Radcliffe - who just won the women's race, but the way. My picture's blurry (I'm not a good action-shot person), but I think you can tell who she is.

And you can see her the back of Radcliffe if you look into the middle of this crowd, in between all the motorcycles.

Wheelchair racers were out in force.

Blue sign, blue sky, great race day!

I'm going to have a little lunch, then head over to 5th Avenue to see the wild hordes racing. More later!


Elsie said...

Bless you, Mary. New York was crazy yesterday!!!! All the people. I didn't plan properly at all ;( I'll have a story or two for you later.

Have fun for the rest of the day with the MILLIONS of other people. How do you do it with such grace, Mary? You're my hero.

MaryB said...

Well, I'm a people-person, I guess, Elsie. The more the merrier. My apartment's a great little refuge when I want to avoid 'em all, though!

Elsie said...

Yes, I've always said the more the merrier, but you really mean it! I mean it, too, when it's 16 vs. 20 for a holiday dinner. When it's millions elbow to elbow on the sidewalk, well that's a completely different story!