Friday, August 07, 2009

The Horror! The Horror!

Don't you love a good scary story? Particularly when somebody else is telling it to you? (Cue moans - wwwooooooo!)

Now that I'm able to keep my ears plugged during commutes with an iPod, I've become addicted to podcasts of old radio shows of the horror persuasion. The stories are just right for my train ride from Spanish Harlem to Grand Central and the hike up to Second Avenue, lasting 25-30 minutes each. Most are from the 1940s and 50s, though a goodly number are from the 1970s, and originate from the U.S., England, Canada, and South Africa.

The plays often feature the likes of Orson Welles, Vincent Price, and a variety of Broadway stalwarts. Sometimes I can see the ending from a mile away, but once in a while the resolution is a complete shocker. Still, I haven't found any real stinkers, yet. The stories go a long way toward keeping me entertained on a crowded subway, though I might be too scared to listen to them once fall and winter set in, and I'm travelling to and from in the dark.

If you're looking for free horror story downloads, may I suggest:

Excuse me while I grab my blankie, plug in my earphones, and put my thumb in my mouth. Now. Start. Wwwwwwoooooooo!


Anonymous said...

Is the Shadow really the only one who knows? Surely there must be others. Go ask Alice.

Chris said...

Hey, Mary, I clicked on one of your links thinking a spot of horror would make a change, but got distracted by another link to Hot Nude Yoga in New York podcast. Apparently it's the only real way to do yoga but, I have to say, the mental image is somewhat disturbing!

MaryB said...

Anon - no, I believe that someone(s) other than the Shadow know(s).

Chris - so let me know how that Hot Nude Yoga podcast works for ya'. I may have to subscribe!