Monday, August 31, 2009

The Curious Case of the Never-ending Dirty Coffee Mugs

Gather 'round for a spine-chilling tale of dirty coffee mugs, spoons, and plastic ware that appear out of nowhere in the sink at the office and never disappear. (You're quaking already, I can tell.)

A variety of dirty mugs, cups, containers, and utensils seem to be reproducing before our very eyes in the 4th floor breakroom. Oh, sure, it started off innocently enough - a black mug here, a butter container there. But now the sink is almost full. And it's been over a week. Black mug still there. Container still there. But new little friends have joined them. All rooted firmly to the sink and staring at us. Daring us to wash them; daring us to walk away.

This frightens me on several different levels:

1. What unknown creature(s) put the items into the sink in the first place expecting them to wash, dry, and replace themselves?

2. What else might the co-worker creature(s) leave for me to "clean up" outside of the kitchen?

3. What if the sink gets so full that I can't rinse out my own dirty mug and plate? Do I just throw 'em in there and walk away?

4. Since I never see anyone doing this evil deed, when and how does it happen? Are these creatures invisible or do they feed at night/early morning before the rest of the staff arrives?

5. Because it happens over and over and over, am I caught in a "Twilight Zone" episode or "Ground Hogs Day"?

To be honest, it is not a unique occurrence, this symbiosis between dirty mugs and office sinks. In fact, I don't think I've ever worked anywhere that didn't have dirty dishes magically appear in the sink and sit. And sit. And sit. Until somebody gets so fed up with the science experiments growing in their workplace kitchen laboratory, that s/he dons rubber gloves and a mask and washes all the dishes on their own.

Yes, you're so smug sitting there reading this and thinking, "This will never happen to me!" And maybe you're right. Maybe the co-worker creature only follows me around. But the next time you look into an office break room sink and see one lonely black mug sitting there, beware! You may not be as safe as you think. Mwwaaaahhhaaaaaa.


Liz said...

I am guilty of leaving my mug. I hang my head in shame. But not in your sink. Nightwatchmen? The Borrowers?

chux said...

the little ***gers! That is really be lazy some lazy men, probably young either in age or immature in disposition.

Do the dishes once, but make sure you have a huge sign saying 'Please wash your own mugs and dishes!' Personally i'd want to add a few other things to that, but I can't as this is a family

People being inconsiderate like this really irritates me. Who do they think does the dishes....a fairy?! Hmmm sending them to me Mary and i'll tell em good for ya!

Joy Des Jardins said...

When I was working at an office people were pretty good about cleaning up after themselves...and we had quite a lot of people at one time. I think it's just a nice little 'respect' for one another thing really.

Maybe you do need to put up a little sign to remind the 'offenders.' I hope YOU don't think you need to be the one to clean up after everyone.

MaryB said...

Believe it or not, there IS a sign over the sink that reads: "Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink."

Current status (Friday Sept. 4: 7 cups, assorted utensils, 1 plastic container; 2 cups and plastic container have been there since at least last Thursday (Aug. 27) and the rest since last Friday (Aug. 28). Hmmmmm.

chux said...

send them my way Mary! Tell them you know an Englishman....and you know how crazy THEY can be!


MaryB said...

Update: I dumped all the mugs, et. al., into the recycle bin late one Friday afternoon. No one was the wise, I think, and the sink has remained remarkable clean since I took my stand.

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