Sunday, August 02, 2009


Yesterday was a day of extremes. The Hot/Cold kind. I know I said in my previous post that I felt like pulling the covers over my head, but the day was just to beautiful to do that. Wildly craving fresh tomatoes and basil, I ventured down to Union Square and the big Saturday farmers market. Of course, I couldn't be down 14th Street way and not venture to Sarita's Mac and Cheese (S'mac) on E. 12th and Sundaes & Cones on E. 10th, eh? So here's the "extreme" breakdown.


  • The weather. Sunny and warm, felt like upper-80's but I might be stretching it. NYC has had the third-coolest summer on record, so any time the clouds move out and the sun beams down, we all hit the streets. But all that walking and concrete heat things up. This Southern girl was glowing.

  • Sarita's Buffalo Chicken mac-and-cheese. Like extra spicy hot wings without the bones and with creamy, cheesey macaroni. Hot, hot, hot, but oh, so good. I try something new every time I visit S'mac. This time it was a toss-up between the Buffalo Chicken and the Masala. I've had the 4-cheese, the Cajun (red peppers and andouille sausage), the French (brie and figs), the Swiss (Gruyere and bacon), and now the Buffalo Chicken. Next time, Masala. I promise.

  • Sundaes & Cones wasabi ice cream. Y'all know it's my favorite. Sweet but with a great little wasabi-burn to it. Mmmmm.

  • Cold:

  • Sitting on an ice block in Union Square at the one-day art installation "Burning Ice." I'm glad I took the time to read the explanatory sign, since one of the artists did a video interview with me as I sat cooling my ass. The melting ice has an environmental message. I'm just sorry I couldn't stick around for the big ice block to turn red. Never mind. Those ice-block benches were pretty darn popular in yesterday's heat.

  • Sundaes & Cones wasabi ice cream. Brrr cold. And especially cool with a scoop of ginger ice cream to beat down some of the wasabi "heat."

  • Extremes. Worth coming out from under the covers for, I testify - spicy mac-and-cheese and a frozen rear-end.

    Oh, by the way, Shorty fans: As I did with my Mother of the Bride experience in MoBster Diaries, I've started a new blog called Confusions of Grandeur rather than boring you with my grandparenting experience here on Shorty PJs. You're welcome.


    TheiaC said...

    wasabi ice cream? interesting. i'm trying to imagine...

    ...i must get out more:)

    MaryB said...

    Theia - come up to NYC and I'll give you a taste. It sound weird but it's great. Honestly.

    TheiaC said...

    i can believe that. i've been thinking of mixing Wickles pepper rings with ice cream...yum...

    Liz said...

    Didn't you end up with a wet bum?

    Must pop over to your grandeur blog soon.

    MaryB said...

    Liz - yeah, butt got wet, even though they put down cloths. Fortunately, the wet didn't show up on the back of my pants and it *was* quite cooling.

    Anonymous said...

    "Whatta ya have, whatta ya have - have yo' order in yo' mind and yo' money in yo' hand."

    Three chili dogs, an order of onion rings, a large frosted orange, and a fried peach pie, please.

    MaryB said...

    Mmmmmmmm. The Varsity. I'd love me two dogs walkin' and a frosted. Toss in a fried peach pie, too.