Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little chocolate, a little Co-Cola

That would make my jury experience so much better. Truly.

Though I can't talk about the trial until it's over, there are a few things about the jury experience that I feel compelled to share. And one of those things is that I believe I could pay better attention to the dense, deep testimony if once in a while, the officer of the court would pass around a tray of chocolate and Cokes. As you know, Shorty will do just about anything for food, including not nodding off during that after-lunch testimony. Chocolate. Cokes. Got it?

A massage chair would be a big step forward, as well. A jury member's rear end can get right numb sitting hour after hour. A seat with "happy fingers" would definitely motivate said jury member to stay focused.

A bigger courtroom would certainly help. Our room is kind of small, so the judge, lawyers, and witnesses are really close to those of us asked to render a verdict. A little too close for comfort for this jury member. Get out of my face. (And pass the chocolate.)

Our courthouse (not the main one; we're in the Lefkowitz - wouldn't you know - court building) has cool elevators, though. With actual elevator operators, which makes elevator-travel tres chic. After just two days I've come to believe that all elevators should have smartly dressed elevator operators, as of old. We need every bit of class we can get in this old world.

Notice, I'm not mentioning the fact that we totally missed all the inauguration hoopla because we were in the courtroom hearing testimony. By the time we were dismissed for lunch, the ceremony was over. We were very disappointed people, I tell you. Sigh.

Back to court tomorrow, and hoping the officer of the court picks up my little chocolate and Coke hint. Hint. Hint.


Anonymous said...

Nice pix of the jury. Now just which one are you? Kidding!!

Seeing it was the first woman jury in L.A. I would be curious to know more. For instance was the trial for a man and just how high did they hang him?

Looks as though they could have used a little chocolate and Coke.

MaryB said...

Oh, I am SO that minx in the white hat on the back row/left! (Actually, I'm Juror #3, so I sit up front.)

I was wondering about an all-woman jury myself. Hmmmm. I'm guessing they hanged the guy pretty high.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Jury duty is hard enough...but during the Inauguration???? Oh Poop Mary. Sorry. They definitely need to step up and give you some perks...chocolates and cokes wouldn't be asking too much. Good luck for the duration sweetie....Love, Joy

Anonymous said...

You're having way too much fun with this jury thing. And on top of that, NYC probably has a nice per diem for jury duty. Some Georgia school districts used to make teachers called to jury duty give their jury payment to the district. Is the Episcopal Church so cruel, our do you get to keep your payment? Sorry, but it's always about money to me.

Liz said...

I guess it's not very exciting then? I would hate to be on jury duty because I am so indecisive and if it were a gory case i would faint anyway.

But having chocolate would definitely make it more appealing.