Sunday, January 11, 2009

And here’s what I think about that

There’s something about this downward-spiraling economy that has me in a bunker mentality. Head down, nose to the grindstone, working overtime for my day-job and my freelance projects. I do, however, occasionally lift up my head and attend to a couple of news items that keep popping up on TV and the internet. Some of these people just won’t go away, so I feel the need to pull away from work for a bit to add my 2¢-worth.

1. Caroline Kennedy. First, just let me say that I really hate losing Hillary Clinton as my senator. I’ve loved every minute of it, girlfriend, and if there was any way for you to be both Secretary of State and my NY Senator, I’d be all for it. However, no can do, Hills, so the Guv’nor must appoint someone to serve in your place until the next election in 2012. Sigh. OK. Second, so Caroline Kennedy steps in and wants the appointment. Hm. Now, I’m familiar with Ms. Kennedy’s credentials. In fact, I used her book In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights in Action when I taught Advanced Placement Government & Politics in high school a few years back. I appreciate that she’s not some rich chick who’s clueless about the Constitution and how the government works.

However, her pursuit of the Senate position bothers me. Why now? She’s never shown an interest in elected office before. Still, I’m not someone who thinks only career politicians can be effective in Congress, so that’s not what has me bugged. But then it was revealed that she has a pretty spotty voting record over the years. OK. That does bother me. If you can’t get yo’ rich white butt outta yo’ Upper East Side digs to pull a few levers for democracy - especially in key primary elections - well, I don’t think you deserve a Senate seat. Plus, all those "ya' know's" in her interviews. Sheesh. Advice: start voting, yes, even in primaries. Start learning about the issues of the people of New York state (the whole state). Work with a speech coach to eliminate those adolescent speech tics. Then run for the seat in 2012. Love you. Love your pony Macaroni. But this Senate appointment should go to someone who’s been in the trenches. There. I’ve said it. (Are you listening, Gov’nor?)

2. Bernie Madoff. Where to start. These are the times that make me thankful that I don’t have enough money to invest. Yes, it pays to be poor. Anyway, back to Bernie. House arrest? Excuse me? The guy ran the biggest Ponzi scheme of the ages (and admitted to it), messing with not only rich fat cats, but lots of charities and projects that depended on those investments. And yet, the powers that be let him hang out in his fancy-schmancy Upper East Side penthouse. (Gee, the Upper East Side comes up a lot here, eh?) His last little jewelry-hiding scheme should land him behind bars. Due process, my Aunt Fanny. I’m surprised old Bern hasn’t been blown away as he traveled in police custody over the past few weeks. Could that be the police plan? Whoops! Just couldn’t protect the guy from that mad gunman/woman! At any rate, there’s a special level of Dante’s Inferno for Bernie Madoff. Such a scumbag.

3. Rod Blog-whatever-it-is. Gotta give this guy credit. He absolutely has the most enormous solid-steel cojones on the planet. He’s either the country’s #1 Sociopath, who honestly believes he’s done nothing wrong, or he’s the country’s #1 Arrogant Sumbitch (wait – that’s probably Bernie Madoff). I mean, the guy’s wheelin’ and dealin’ Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder, gets caught, quotes poetry, then slides in his Senate pick to the total flumoxation (is that a word?) of the Senate Democrats. Kinda’ brilliant, actually. Then, he gets impeached, goes jogging, quotes more poetry. And always has time to blow-dry that enormous mane of his. Yikes! I think he and Sarah Palin should go on the road together. They are the most entertaining couple of pols to come down the pike in a long time. I vote they do a sort of Regis and Kelly Show on the tube. Blog/Palin would blow Oprah out of the water.

What a cast of characters, eh? If you came upon these people in a novel, you’d write them off as unbelievable. Ha! to all of you.

Nose back to grindstone.

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