Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two days 'til Thanksgiving, and today I'm thankful for . . . water

We don't think much about it, do we? Turning on a faucet and clean water coming out of it. As much as we want. Hot or cold. Flushing toilets, starting up the dishwasher or washing machine, turning on a garden hose. But there it is, just pouring out at our command.

And we don't give it a second thought, until a pipe freezes or you need some kind of repair work done that shuts off your water for a day. Then, well, then, my friends - that's when we realize how much we depend on the clear, clean stuff showing up on demand. It's kind of like when you injure a thumb or forefinger. You have no idea how much you use those two digits in your daily life and work, but, boy, try functioning without them for a little while. Sheesh. Having to do without water at the turn of a faucet is like that.

Don't worry - our home has plenty of flowing water, hot and cold. But for some reason I've been keenly aware of how blessed we are to have plentiful, healthy water for the necessary and not-so-necessary things of life. Many places don't have it, and it impacts everything from health (disease, crops, medical care) to education for girls (who have to forego schooling to tote water across many miles every single day). And yet, we never really think about it.

Just for today, try to be aware of all those toilet flushes and long showers (guilty!). I'm not asking you to give them up - this isn't a soapbox post. Rather, be grateful for what is so readily available, every minute of every day. Life-giving, life-pampering water.

And now I must put water to its ultimate use: making a good cup of tea. I am supremely thankful today for good ol' H2O.

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