Monday, November 24, 2008

Countdown to Thanksgiving: Today I'm thankful for a little peace and quiet

Like most folks, I lead a pretty hectic life. Possibly those of us living in New York City have an edge on "hectic" just because of the pace of the city, but times are stressful and sphincter-tightening (or ST, as I like to call it) all over these days. The economy alone is enough to cause you to wake in the middle of the night feeling like an elephant's sitting on your chest. We're not only worrying about the problem; we're worrying whether or not the cure will be worse than the disease. How/who will sort this out? Yeah. That's enough to make your heart race and your brain jittery.

And the economy's just one of the loud, honking "look at me!" stresses in our lives. Work is stressful. Families are stressful. Large, looming deadlines are stressful. Shoot, even deciding what to wear every morning is stressful (for some of us, anyway).

But this week I'm doing my best to push all of that aside. I'm away from most of my day-to-day stressors - out of New York, away from work and the landlord, no subways or bank lines. I'm spending the week with my feet up in front of the fire and the television. I'm reading a good book. Drinking lots of tea, and the occasional hot cider with a tot of rum. I'm helping out around the house when needed, and staying out of the way when not. Sleeping late. No trains running under my window here on Peachtree Hills Avenue. No car alarms or sirens to keep me awake.

Peace and quiet. Well, not all quiet, but a lot of peace - the blessed chance to recharge the old engine, feed the soul, and replenish the body with good old fashioned rest and relaxation. Ahhhh.

So today I'm truly thankful for simple days, a chance to slow down and do nothing, and indulging in gentler rhythms of life.

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