Monday, September 08, 2008


I am so frustrated with UPS right now, I could just spit! United? Hardly. Parcel. Can't prove it by me. Service? Don't make me laugh. No, really. Don't make me laugh.

Two very important deliveries are in UPS-Limbo, and no one can help. After paying overnight delivery charges for both orders (one is actually a small, but much-needed, stock payout check), UPS claims it has tried to deliver twice and that no one was home to sign. Um. I was home. I worked from home on Friday specifically to received several deliveries and never left the apartment, except to give Bailey a potty-break. Even then, I stayed where I could see the front door.

Interestingly enough, FedEx managed to make two deliveries to me on Friday. Hm. Seems they found me just fine. But UPS? Nope. Both times they claim to have attempted delivery I was sitting in my small, but comfortable, living room working on a PowerPoint presentation. While it shows delivery information on the website, UPS didn't leave a delivery attempt sticky note, which leads me to think no attempt was made.

After going online only to find out UPS had just attempted delivery (where, I wonder?), I called UPS and the customer service rep (and I use "customer service rep" loosely) informed me UPS wouldn't try to re-deliver until Monday. Monday! You know, when I'd be back at work and - you guessed it - I wouldn't be home to receive a delivery. That is, if the guy actually tried to deliver. What kind of delivery service doesn't deliver on Saturday? Sheesh! Even the US Postal Service delivers on Saturday, for goodness' sake! Is this a racket, or what?

Well, I cancelled one of the orders. It was something I needed for Bailey, and since it didn't arrive in a timely fashion, I was forced to get on the subway and make my way to and from Petco. Sigh. I explained to the mail order firm that I'd be glad to order from them again when they changed carriers.

But I can't (and don't want to) cancel the check. So I just have to wait. I called to see if they'll deliver to my work address. Fingers crossed, it arrives tomorrow. At work.

So, here's the thing. If you have something to send me, do not under any circumstances send it via UPS. Go FedEx or DHL. Or, shoot, good ol' USPS. But over the course of the last four days, I really believe they should rename UPS "OOPS." Or maybe "AARGH."


Anonymous said...

Stay tuned... UPS and FedEx are merging from now on they will be known as........FED-UPS!
Couldn't resist, sorry.

MaryB said...

Ha ha. Fed ups is right!

Peter (the other) said...

I was a FedEx guy for years, but the quality of the service went down in equal proportion to their rates going up. I have switched to the ol' USPS, and find that with their express mail I get the same ability to track on the internet, they are half the price and in the US, deliver on Saturday.

MaryB said...

PtO - You're back! Yea! How's France? And I agree, Express Mail, et. al., works better than UPS and FedEx. Hope all is well -

tambourineman said...

I was just having a discussion with a vendor I work with from Michigan. He was at his office waiting for a delivery, stepped out for less than 1 hour for lunch and they left 2 "delivery attempted" notes. Then they left a third note at 5:30, after he had gone home for the day.

I recently placed an online order that was supposed to ship UPS - we had a UPS tracking number and watched its progress online. It didn't arrive on the expected day even though it was shown as being in our town, but it arrived the next day from our mail carrier. I was told that UPS now sometimes delivers rural deliveries to the post office and lets the USPS do the actual home delivery. I say let the USPS do the whole thing. I won't use UPS if I can help it.

MaryB said...

I agree, tambourineman. I've made a note to myself to ask about delivery carriers whenever I order online. I'll avoid the UPS users.

Peter (the other) said...

Mary B, life is good although I am buried deep in dissertation land. I sneak peeks at Shorty PJs for some excitement in my life, and then disappear back into the tomes.After greatly enjoying your twist post, I am now back to the books. I'll be a lurking, bwa-ha-ha-ha-HA_HA-HAAAAAA (fades off into echo).