Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back to School: The Perfect Schedule

Now that all the kiddies have started a new school year, I find myself wishing that I were going back, too. I want to go buy a new notebook and new pencils and pens. I want new school shoes and a couple of new sweaters. I liked school, for the most part. It's hard to beat the thrill of having a great teacher teach a great subject.

In short, I'd gladly return to school, but I want it on my own terms. I want to choose the subjects and the schedule. In my fantasy school I am paid top salary for each subject I take, with a bonus for each A. Every teacher is top-notch and interesting, to boot. No old fart boors or idiots with halitosis. I'm willing to read appropriate materials for the class but no textbooks. I'll even churn out a paper, if so moved, but it can't be required. Only reading, group discussion, lecture, and fun stuff. I've done all the boring textbook-term paper thing before, so I don't need to do it again.

Each school day includes one full hour for lunch and one full hour to goof-off. Goof-off hour can be used to take a siesta, draw, work on the computer, play on the "playground," or whatever. Goof-off time can be scheduled right before or after lunch, at the beginning or end of the day, or split into goof-off increments throughout the day.

Here's my dream schedule for Fall 2008:
9am - 9:55am History: The Great War 1914-1918
10am - 10:55 am Early 20th Century British and American Literature
11am - 11:55am Art History: 19th and 20th Centuries
12pm - 12;55pm Lunch
1pm - 1:55pm Goof-off Time
2pm - 2:55pm Political Science: The Constitution of the United States
3pm - 3:55pm History: The Age of Enlightenment

Oops! No math or science. Oh, too bad. Math will never make my fantasy schedule, though biology and earth science might pop up in the future. I'm a social science kind of gal. I will require grading, however, because I am reward-driven and competitive. Now - off to buy notebook paper and pencils.

What's your fantasy schedule?


TheiaC said...

Mary, Linda from Sand Mountain introduced me to your blog after the NY trip this summer. I was so envious of your blog that I am taking a stab at my own little blogspot! Don't you feel good about've inspired a baby blogger! Anyway, my ideal school schedule would include a mandatory nap, pedicure breaks, as well as chocolate sampling class!

Liz said...

On Sunday the speaker in church was asking what our favourite school subject was and I was hard-pressed to come up with one! In the end I chose Latin. Although I did quite enjoy maths.

But on the whole I think I would prefer not to go back to school.

MaryB said...

Welcome, Theia! Can't wait to read your blog; I'm honored I helped inspire you. Yes, I plan to schedule pedicures and chocolate sampling during my Goof Off Time!(Say "hey" to Linda for me.)

Liz, believe it or not, Latin was the only subject I didn't take that I regret not taking. My daddy tried and tried to encourage me to try Latin, but it was very uncool during the 60s. I opted for Spanish instead. My Kate had a couple of years of Latin in high school and liked it a lot. And not to worry, you don't HAVE to go back to school!

Anonymous said...

Replace the first history class with Financial Management and Analysis, Lunch MUST be 2 hours (I guess that's what the goof off time is for) and the last history class with Greek Mythology, An Indepth analysis. I was only required to take one literature class in college (mythology by default) and I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Class M/W/F or T/TH, four classes max. Come if you like and as you are. Many classes offered on-line. Party hard and often. Stay as many years as you like and take a double or triple major. That's today's university student.