Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wotta Week

Definitely a 5-day work week of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Worked late every night and brought work home 4 of the five nights. Deadlines loom - some real, some fictional (but just as real, if someone's pushing you to get something done).

Not to mention that for most of the week I lived in The House at Poo Corner. Remind me never to spend more than $6 on dogfood, because the uppity kind does not set well with Ms. Bailey. Try to give the old gal a treat with expensive food, and poor thing can only reward me with doggie-diarrhea. Don't worry - she's back to normal now, but cleaning that stuff up first thing in the morning or after a hard day's work added just the right comment on the week.

Anyway, the problem at work is that I'm being pulled in too many directions, and I feel I'm not doing justice to anything. I figure we're in the transition period after restructuring, as I'm being asked to do a few things for my new job while keeping the old job's fires stoked. The only problem is that my current boss doesn't see it that way. So I'm caught between current and future. Middle child that I am, I hate conflict, so I'm just keeping nose to grindstone (and my office door closed whenever possible). Still, I hate the feeling of know that some important things are just liquefying and dripping off the desk into deep cracks. Aargh. It will get better soon, though, I know.

And somehow I got sucked into Facebook (and while I'm at it, MySpace). I think I'm too old for both, but I seem to have more and more friends trying to add me to their lists or whatever, so I caved in. Not sure if I'll keep up with it. I have enough trouble finding time to blog.

As the political season heats up (what? not hot enough already?), I'll probably do less commenting on my favorite blogs. Seems I disagree with some of the stands being taken, and I don't want to stir anything up, or be stirred up. It's that middle child thing again. I've pretty much decided how I'm voting - ain't nobody's bid'ness but mine - so I'll skip over the political stuff on yo' blogs, if you don't mind. But we're still friends, right? Here's my 2008 campaign promise to you, fellow bloggers: I will keep Shorty PJs as politics-free as possible.

On a lighter note - wink! wink! - I lost 4.4 pounds my first week on WeightWatchers, even in the midst of the sturm-and-drang at work. All seems to be going well. Let's see how I do at Tuesday's weigh-in, however.

I'm cocooning today. I deserve it. Anne Tyler and Earl Grey will keep me very good company, I reckon.


Winston said...

Rest when you can and stay well. You really do deserve to cocoon for at least a day. Congrats on the 4.4 pounds lost. Hope you don't find them. I like your wink wink choice... Mine too...

Em said...

You worked extensive hours and cleaned up tons of dog poo. No wonder you lost 4.4 pounds - no time to eat and no appetite. LOL

Em said...

Seriously, I know 4.4 pounds is a great start! Congratulations!!

MaryB said...

Thanks for the support, Winston. And Em, actually I lost the weight BEFORE the dog poo/long hours (weigh-ins are on Tuesdays); we'll see if stress and poo worked in my favor this week!

Anonymous said...

Who said men have an easier time losing weight? Congratulations. Keep it up. Soon you will be able to turn sideways and will be invisible! Speaking of FOOD, let's get together, cousin Billy, for some Dahlonega delights!

MaryB said...

OK, - whoa! wait a second, Cuz. If you're going to use my blog to arrange food outings with Bro, I must be included in some tangible way. Like boxing up a few Dahlonega Delights and sending them to me. (Um. What are Daholonega Delights, by the way?)

Liz said...

You do deserve it!

WEll done on the weight loss! You've inspired me to try again. As it's lent tomorrow I figure that will be a good time to start being miserable!

I'm on Facebook (and MySpace I think) but I don't know why. I just don't get what it can do that email and blogs can't.

George is a walking poo factory so you have my sympathies.

MaryB said...

Thanks, Liz. Yeah, I don't get Facebook and MySpace, either. I think it's for the very young. It has, however, connected me with 20-something family and friends, so I guess that's what it's for. (They'd never read my blogs, anyway.)