Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meet me in St. Louis. Just not right now.

Ah, those weather-related travel hang-ups. I'm due at a conference in St. Louis today, but since Lambert Field is a sheet of ice (so we've been told here at LaGuardia) all flights are cancelled until (fingers-crossed) 7:45 this evening. Got to LGA - my home-away-from-home - around 11:15 in plenty of time for my 12:55 flight. Then came the news. Flight cancelled. Next two flights cancelled. Most of us rebooked on the 7:45 flight.

There was never really any question about my going back home to wait for a few hours then coming back. I mean, they have my bag, and it would've taken all sorts of finagling to get it back. And by the time I paid $30 to taxi home, $30 to taxi back to the airport, re-checked the bag. Well, phooey! Might as well camp out at LaGuardia.

I'm in a nice cozy sports bar, table conveniently located next to an electrical outlet, answering emails, commenting on all y'all's blog-posts, drinking tea and Bloody Mary's. I can tough it out until 7pm-ish, when I suspect they'll tell us whether the flight is a "go" or not. If not, I'll slink back home and say "Fuggitabbatit" for the conference, since snow and ice are due here in NYC early tomorrow morning. A shame, really, since this is a great conference - "endowed parishes," so you can imagine the good eats and great workshops. Unsurpassed networking. Shoot. I'm hoping we're clear to go tonight.

Alas, I will miss one of the events I was most looking forward to - tonight's dinner and guided tour of the Arch. I've never been there and was really excited about travelling to the top of that thing. Double-shoot. With a couple of "damnits" thrown in. ***UPDATE*** Just talked to a friend at the conference who tells me that the trip to the Arch has been cancelled because of the icy weather. The group is eating at the hotel. So. Not missing anything much so far. It's almost 6:30pm and the word is that the flight will go out at 7:45. Here's hopin' . . . . I'm getting pretty sick of this LaGuardia terminal.

And another thing. Airport food is not conducive to WeightWatchers, though I'm doing my best. (Believe it or not, the Bloody Mary ain't so bad, point-wise.) Travel in general is hard on weight-watching - airport food, conference food, flight delays that just scream "Go get a hot-fudge sundae NOW!" I did manage to lose another pound over the past two weeks, even though I travelled South and was tempted with all manner of Southern goodies. It's all about portion-size, my friends. And walking. And water. Keep walking. Keep drinking water. Four more hours. Let's see how I do.

Another Bloody Mary's looking pretty good right now, though.


Anonymous said...

While you're in the neighborhood, cross the river and visit beautiful Granite City, IL. Aunt Noonie's and Uncle Cecil's spirits still linger in that once-great industrial town.

chux said...

nice job on losing the pound even though junk food abounds!

Hope the journey was ok in the end. Was looking up flights for the family as we are going to visit friends in San Diego later this year. I cannot believe how much it costs!!! And now i've got 4 people to pay for too.

Any tips on travel? Bearing in mind that I cant chop and change planes and airports as we've got the kids? Sort of limits us really...oh well :)

MaryB said...

Well, cuz, I didn't make it to Granite City, though I do remember visiting the Nash clan there once or twice over the years. I waved as we flew over, however.

chux, thanks for the weight-loss support. Hope I haven't blown it this week with all the lost baggage trauma.

My only advice (and why I didn't follow it this trip, I'll never know) is to make sure everyone packs a change of clothing and any necessities in their carry-on bags. Assume that your big bags won't make it - what can't you live without for a couple of days? Usually the bags DO make it, which is why I was so complacent I guess.