Monday, January 28, 2008

The Toughest Exercise Routine

I spent the day in one of those all-day, hard-working meetings. It went pretty well, considering that the last few gatherings of the group have almost resulted in bloodshed (figuratively speaking). Still, after it was all over, I was shatteringly tired.

"The meeting went well," a co-worker said, "Why are you so tired?"

"Well," sez I, "It takes all my energy and muscle-groups to keep my mouth shut."

Yup. I bet I burned off hundreds of calories just making sure my jaw wasn't flapping or my throat making speech-like sounds at inappropriate (or even appropriate) times. I mean, it was solid 8-hour rigorous exercise session. Surely it was the equivalent of several hours on a StairMaster.

My point is that some of the most tiring, draining things in life don't count as physical exercise. You know. The really hard stuff.

. . . Like keeping all those marbles (aka, "must-do's") from sliding off the table of life. (Builds strength in the arms, right?)

. . . Like withstanding a session of tongue-lashing or insult-hurling. (All that bobbing, weaving, ducking - just like 10 rounds in the ring with a prize-fighter.)

. . . Like sitting through a blindingly boring speech. (Do repeated hammer-blows to the head burn calories or just turn your brain to mush?)

. . . And, yes, like keeping my mouth shut.

I'm feelin' the burn just thinking about those things.

Now, excuse me while I take an early bath, then hit the bed with a great book (The Glass Castle, thank you very much Cuz). I've run the marathon today.


Liz said...

I'm supposed to take notes at trustee meetings but staying awake during them takes all my energy.

PT said...

I'm sure that I should have an incisive and witty comment to make on your post, but my eyes keep getting dragged up to that picture of the lovely antipodean Ms Newton-John and it's giving me a funny feeling in my tummy...

I remember a similar effect from a Kate Bush poster when I was about fifteen years old!

MaryB said...

Liz - Yes, having to scribe a meeting should cause pounds to roll right off.

PT - Ah, those were the days - when we all looked like ONJ. . .

PT said...

I never looked like ONJ.

I looked more like LBJ!

PT said...

Ha! I'm quite pleased with that.