Friday, January 11, 2008

That was the week that was

Remember the classic television show That Was The Week That Was? I never saw the original British version, though I do have some of its sketches on a comedy album (remember those big black vinyl disks?) I picked up when I was living in England. I do, however, remember watching the American version, which aired in the early 1960's. Yes, I'm that old.

Anyway, I thought of the program as I looked back over the week. Here's my not very David Frost-y version of the TW3 theme song:

That was the week that was:
It started with a cough
(And stuffy nose and cloggy lungs)
And – alas - has yet to wear off.

That was the week that was:
I slogged it out at work.
With tasks piled high and tensions rife,
My like looked like soleil du cirque.

That was the week that was:
I tried to follow the news.
Hillary’s up, Britney’s down, Bush is where?
Ooh, pass the booze.

That was the week that was:
At least it ended well.
The reorganization has a place for me
So I still have a job, which is swell.

That was the week that was:
What will the next one bring?
As long as I get rid of this *@#*-ing cough,
I can handle anything.

How memorable was your week?


Joy Des Jardins said...

I sure do remember 'That Was the Week That Was.' I loved your poem...and hope you're feeling better sweetie.

Chris said...

Glad you've still got a job, Mary, but sorry the nasty bug is still there!

chux said...

that was excellent !! most entertaining. Sorry about the cough though. I'm suffering with a head cold which is killing my sinuses(ssssss)

I've got some catching up to do, so gonna have a look at your other posts now.
ta ta!

Elsie said...

My week was certainly not as memorable as yours! Congrats on keeping the job.

MaryB said...

Good news, friends - the cough is subsiding! I do hope to leave it behind. Very "last-week," you know.

And yes, I'm ever so grateful that I still have a job!

Winston said...

Glad the crud is starting to subside. Seems the stuff that goes around these days is far more persistent than in years of yore...

TW3. One of my all time favorite shows. That and Laugh In provided all the entertainment we needed in the good ol' days. And, damn, that makes me sound almost as old as I am...

Now I'm going to fire up my walker and shuffle in to where the moonshine is stored and have a toast or three to your continued employment that is holding you hostage up there in NooYawk, far from the Promised Land of Milk and Honey and Tea and Grits...