Monday, January 21, 2008

Remembering Suzanne Pleshette: Best Sitcom Finale Ever

Well, we lost another one. Suzanne Pleshette died over the weekend, she of Rome Adventure, The Birds, and best of all "The Bob Newhart Show." What a dame! I thought it was cool that she was briefly married to Troy Donahue in her young, hot days but ended up with good old Tom Posten at the end. (Tom Posten died last year, God rest his hilarious soul.)

Both Pleshette and Posten had roles in "The Bob Newhart Show," and Posten went on to become a regular on "Newhart," as well. Though I liked the first show better than the second, I have to admit that the finale of "Newhart" was the best sitcom finale ever. Better than the finale of "M*A*S*H" (which was way too serious). Way, way better than the finale of "Friends." Way, way, way better than the "Seinfeld" finale, which was just awful.

But in that last scene of "Newhart" when Bob wakes up in bed with Emily (Pleshette) in the old Bob Newhart Show's Chicago apartment - "it was all a dream!" - completely hilarious! Newhart and Pleshette pulled it off beautifully. What a total surprise!

Here's to you, Suzanne Pleshette, aka Emily Hartley. Thanks for a great body of work, especially your part in the best sitcom finale of all time.

(Second best sitcom finale? Why, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," of course. Everyone gets fired but Ted. Ha! "It's a long way to Tipperary. It's a long way to go . . . ")


PT said...

That's a shame.

I don't remember if we got the Bob Newhart sitcoms over here. I had one of his albums (with "Tobacco", "Bus Driver", etc) which I thought were hilarious as a kid. I'd copy his routines at school, to looks of blank incomprehension!

They should get those out on DVD.

Elsie said...

I'm going to miss Suzanne, too. I remember watching the finale of "Newhart" and agree that it was THE BEST ever. Now I'm off to find out more about "Rome Adventure."

Winston said...

I had not heard. Thanks. The sitcom finale that always comes to the front for me is "Cheers", with Sam turning off the lights, walking out and locking the door. Not funny, but very heavy dramatic ending to a very funny show.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember Suzanne's name in Rome Adventure? (Prudence Bell)
Her occupation? (Librarian)
The other woman? (Angie Dickinson)
Title of song from the movie?
(Al Di La)
She was one classy lady!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a great finale. But, the number ONE finale was that of The Howdy Doody Show. Clarabell, who had been silent for years, finally spoke two words. Who out there in Doodyville remembers what they were?Careful, your age is showing.
Love, Cuz

Anonymous said...

Clarabell's two words...
Was it .....
Moose Head?

MaryB said...

PT - Yeah, Newhart is a comic genius. He's most famous for those telephone conversation routines. Still very funny. You have good taste, sir.

Elsie - It's been years since I've seen Rome Adventure. If you find it let me know what you think.

Winston - I was kinda disappointed in the Cheers finale. Dramatic, yes, but it was a sit-com, after all. I wish it'd gone out on a funny note - there was plenty of material there!

Bro - I'd forgotten that Al-di-la was the song from Rome Adventure. Now I must try to find it.

Cuz - Yes, Clarabell finally speaks and says F*** Off. :-) Well, it was "Doodyville" after all. Ok, Ok. But I know it wasn't "Moose Head," either. I believe it was a sweet, simple "Goodbye Kids," or something like that, yeah? Wouldn't it have been funny for the Newhart show to end with Clarabell in bed with Emily. Or Bob. Or both. (Things can always be improved, I believe.)

Anonymous said...

I remember Suzanne is so many things....and really enjoyed her spunk and beauty. That deep throaty voice....she was a beautiful lady. Bless her sweet soul. ~Joy