Saturday, April 25, 2020

COVIDiary: Things Done and Things Mostly Left Undone

Coronavirus Quarantine Day 43.

I start back to work (remotely) on Monday, April 27, and I'm wondering if I should have set goals and accomplished more throughout this ordeal. There have been no shortage of projects that needed doing around here - closets to be cleaned, personal papers to organize, Lego to be sorted - or projects offered up via social media - choirs to join, art therapy, clever ways to stay engaged or get ahead.

Well, no excuses, but I haven't set any goals during this time (except that one day to clean my office), unless you consider making a point of staying up beyond 3am and taking a lovely afternoon nap every day. Both worthy goals, marked "accomplished," by the way.

Should I be suffering from some sort of COVID-19 anti-goal guilt? Should I be suffering from the lack of COVID-19 anti-goal guilt?

  • Bed made every day (but I always do that, so not sure it counts)
  • Hands washed multiple times per day,  a la Lady Macbeth
  • Faucets, handles, counters, electronics disinfected with alcohol or bleach once or twice a day
  • Teeth brushed, shower or bath every day
  • Furniture dusted once a week
  • Weather permitting, sitting on the balcony reading, listening to audiobook, or just being in the evenings for an hour or more
  • Books read (but I do that all the time, so. . . ) Finally got through that damned Hilary Mantel book, the last of the Thomas Cromwell trilogy, which I hated, by the way. Not sure why I felt I had to read it since the others didn't impress me - consider it  quarantine punishment. 
  • Yes, office cleaned and organized!
  • Lego sorted (in progress, actually, but getting close)
  • Well fed
Not Accomplished:
  • The list is too long. 
I haven't worked on any of my writing projects (though Daughter keeps saying "Finish a book!"). Haven't learned to draw better, sew better, cook better, clean better, think better, work better, dance better, dream better, sing better, pray better. No goals. In short, yeah, perhaps time wasted.

Or is being anti-goal the right approach right now? Is lying fallow a worthy goal? Once something is a goal, does it lose its anti-goal luster? Am I overthinking this goal-thing?

Ah, well, all that will have to wait. Time for my daily nap. Stay well, y'all!


Liz Hinds said...

I didn't get on with Wolf Hall but didn't feel obliged to read the others! It was partly the way it wasn't simple to tell who was speaking or who was doing what. I kept having to go back to work out who she was talking about at any time. Really can't understand how it's praised as excellent writing.

You sound as if, even with what you say you haven't accomplished, you've still managed to do an awful lot! And that nap does sound good.

MaryB said...

Well, I'm not sure why I suffered through all three tomes. A test of fortitude? It's very unlike me. Life is short. Why read something I'm not into? I really think my biggest accomplishment during this pandemic has been surviving the Hilary Mantel trilogy. ;-)