Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Pregnant Season

A woman in her last month of pregnancy knows more about the waiting game than anyone on earth. She's been through the first few months of morning sickness, grown into walking/sitting/working/sleeping with an ever-increasing bundle resting underneath her heart and smack on her bladder, and finally arrives at the big countdown. Waiting, waiting for the first twinges that announce the big event is about to happen.

Waiting, waiting is a lot of what we do in December. Advent tells us to wait, expect, hope, get things in order for the big event, specifically the birth of a baby in Bethlehem. I try to set aside time to wait and expect every day. But it's hard to wait. And I'm impatient, just like a pregnant woman at the end of her 9th month. I'm ready for the birth, ready for the celebration. Let's get this show on the road, as my daddy used to say.

So like a nesting mama, I decorate, lay in supplies, send out announcements and greetings. I can prepare and celebrate, as well as wait and hope. I can appreciate the rich, deep blue of Advent and the bright red, green, and gold of Christmas. I can count down the days by following Advent meditations and reflections, but I can also watch my favorite Christmas movies and hum carols.

Advent is a very pregnant season. Full up. Expectant. Joyous. Bulging with stories of then and now and what's to be. So put your feet up and have a little snack. You'll need all your energy for what's to come.

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