Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Holiday Mug

For 11 whole months you hide like a slug,
Collecting dust and a weird dried up bug.
But when December rolls ‘round,
From your shelf you’re brought down,
O wonderful holiday mug.

Like holiday sweaters, your style may be risky,
With Santas and snowmen and reindeer so frisky.
But for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa cheer,
There’s no cup so dear
For our coffee or tea or wee drop o’ whiskey.

Short-lived is your glory, a brief time for smugness.
We’ll dust out your innards and toss out the bug-ness.
To your festive appearance
For one month each year-ance -
Three cheers to Your Holiday Mug-ness!


Liz said...

And I was late getting out the mugs! I am so behind this year!

MaryB said...

There's still time, Liz! Run 'em under some hot water and start putting tea in 'em.