Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top Three Christmas Wishes

Here's your challenge: name your top three Christmas wishes for 1) your city or community, 2) a family member, and 3) yourself. Notice, I haven't included a Christmas wish for the world - we all want world peace, full employment, health, education, and happiness. Get specific.

I'll go first:

  1. My Christmas wish for Manhattan/New York City (sorry, other boroughs) is a Super Target. Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Sak's, Barneys, Bergdof's, Tiffany's - all wonderful stores, but just-us-folks need a clean, well-lighted, name-brand merchandise, discount store on the island. I think a Target is going into the same complex as Costco a few streets over from me in East Harlem. I pray it opens its doors in 2010. 
  2. For daughter Kate and son-in-law Greg, I wish for baby furniture for soon-to-be GrandBoy. Mama-to-be will not rest easy until the nursery is in place. (So really, I'm wishing for peace of mind for both of them.)
  3. My Christmas wish for me, me, me is a ticket to a Broadway show and renewal of my Metropolitan Museum of Art membership. Life is too short not to include great theatre and art. 
So what are your three Christmas wishes? Do tell.

Merry, Merry Christmas to all! I do truly wish for health and happiness and lack of stress and worry for all of you. Eat lots of good stuff, love your family and friends, read interesting books, do something that fulfills your need to be You.

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Carey said...

I'm surprised no one's bitten on this interesting post!
1) For my community: I wish that the new mayor of Atlanta will be as good as Shirley Franklin has been. 2)For a family member: I hope that my son is admitted to and chooses the college which will be "just right" for him. 3) For me, I hope a new narcolepsy medicine is invented which will give me more waking hours but will have fewer side effects!!

And by the way, I hope you got back to NYC all right-- it was great to see you over Christmas!