Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guilty of licking the spoon

I love Weight Watchers. I like its philosophy and process, and, heck, it works. But between Halloween and New Year, I have to stuff all that WW love in the back of the closet. Because I love holiday food more than I love losing weight. I'm trying to feel guilty about it, but I don't.

First comes all those Halloween treats, and you know how I feel about candy corn. A month later is Thanksgiving, with its turkey, dressing, carb-loaded casseroles, and pumpkin pie. But, ah, Christmas. The universe keeps the best for last - cookies and pastries of every description, wonderful delights made with butter and cinnamon and fruit and cream and butter. And butter. (Julia Child must've loved Christmas.)

And whether it's Spinach Mornay (cream, Swiss cheese, cayenne pepper) or Banana Pudding (cream cheese, pudding mix, creamed cheese), I always do my duty as cook and/or kitchen helper by offering to lick the spoons and mixing bowls. Why is it that the bit of yumminess that hangs on to a mixing bowl is the best few bites of the lot?

I'll pull Weight Watchers back out in January. But for now, I plan to lick the spoons and mixing bowls, have a wedge of that rum cake, and eat another Christmas cookie. Or three. Go find your own bowl to lick!

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