Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's hear it for Shock-tober!

Well, it's finally here. The month I longed for back in August.

It's turned right cool here in New York City. The leaves are slowly dissolving from green to yellow/red/orange. Those that have already dropped are blowing dryly across sidewalks and park paths. Halloween decorations are everywhere, including in my own tiny "tenement." Chilies and stews are on full boil. College football reigns supreme. Ahh, autumn!

What I love about October - at the heart of it - are the memories of years past and the anticipation of the festivities that will fill out the rest of the year. This month we honor early memories of school carnivals and childhood Halloweens, as well as the first anniversary of daughter Kate and son-in-law Greg and other family anniversaries and birthdays.

October's celebrations morph into a November full of birthdays and anniversaries, culminating in a most splendiferous Thanksgiving. (Can you smell the turkey and pumpkin pie?) And no sooner will we finish giving thanks than the fun-filled wildness and holy celebration of Christmas will be upon us. Bam-bam-bam. All in a row. Wonderful!

Need a little help getting into the October holiday spirit? I've offered plenty of suggestions over the past four years. Links to some of my posts about scary movies, songs, stories, and whatnot can be found here. Enjoy!

Bundle up, kick some leaves, give some treats (or tricks), and get ready for the year-end holiday fun-fest.


Anonymous said...

The local WalMart is way ahead of you. Let's hear it for Easter! By the way, who's hosting this year's Christmas Party? And when is it? Got any Yankees tickets? So many questions.

MaryB said...

Cuz - I'm ignoring the bit of red and green that's out (not a lot here, really) and enjoying the black and orange. Last I heard, the Bills were hosting in Blue Ridge, but someone needs to rattle their cage and have 'em get the word out. Hoping whoever hosts it opts for the weekend of Dec. 19 so that I can be there. Um, I could probably score some Yankees tix, but my BoSox-lovin' son-in-law would never speak to me again. :-(

Anonymous said...

OK, OK!! Cuz Linda & I discussed the Christmas plan a couple of months ago and HAD decided the weekend of the 19th was the ideal time for the "Gathering of the Clan". That being decided we also discussed the options of either Blue Ridge (the Bills) or Marietta at chez Bobby. I have been working 7days a week during a remodel of the store in Blue Ridge. This week I am having some down time and am lollygagging by the pool in Sarasota. I promise to get it all together next week. The only thing I do know for certain is that males attending will NOT be required to wear hats.

MaryB said...

Just the grown-up men will be wearing hats. ;-)