Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Bartow Mothers

On this Mother's Day, here's to Mother and the other Sisters Bartow:

Marie, who never had any children, but could boss us around with the best of 'em and gave us money for Christmas instead of something useless.

Helen, the sweet one who once told me that eating the stings of a banana would kill me. (And they just might. Someday.) Mother of cousins Ann and Steve.

Mildred, who had a vocal preference for boy-children until her grand-daughter Amy was born. Mother of cousins Jimmy and Bobby.

Catherine, my own mother, who like to quote Bible verses that were actually Shakespeare. Mother of brothers Bill and David, sister Cindy, and moi.

We miss you all so much on this Mother's Day and know you're celebrating the day looking down with love on children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren from above.


Liz said...

What a great photo!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I LOVE that photo. Your mom was a 'looker' Mary. ~Joy

Anonymous said...

So many stories come to mind about these four amazing, funny women.

Marie aka Peggy & Miss Mud... (Phoebie Marie)... Loved the dog races in Florida. For years she would bet on a dog named, Bang, Bang, Billy, because my name was Billy and she thought it would somehow be lucky... WRONG! Lost a lot of money on that dog.

Helen Americus ... Absolutely the sweetest, kindest woman to ever live. She did have this thing about bananas, she always washed them before peeling them. NO STRINGS.

Mildred Eileen (Nunnie)... returning home after a clothes shopping spree she was modeling her new wardrobe. Mother made the comment that one particular outfit would look much better if she was wearing a girdle. "Catherine, I AM wearing a girdle"! OOps!!!

Catherine Juanita (Mother) Guess it was the time she spent in the navy during WWII but she had a "thing" for sailors in uniform all her life. She was the first of the sisters to graduate from high school. Now she really is, Saint Catherine.

Four wonderful women so many great Bully Bartow stories and legends they left behind.

cindy said...

Well said, big sis and big bro. The sisters would be proud of our close-knit crew. We are a blessed family to have so much love!

MaryB said...

Amen, to all. I love this picture, too, Liz and Joy.

Bro and Sis - I'm sure we could fill many blogs with Bartow sister stories. Each one an individual, but stood solidly together.