Friday, December 05, 2008

Your Ultimate Christmas Movie Guide

As someone who loves both Christmas and movies, it stands to reason that I am completely squishy for Christmas movies. I posted extensively about holiday celluloid gems back in December 2005. Here's the recap:

After re-reading the listings, I wouldn't change anything. Except, I might add Bell, Book, and Candle (1958) with Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart to the pre-1960 list. Great cast, very New York-y, and a cat named Pyewacket. Other than that, nope, I'm happy with what I wrote, lo, those many years ago in 2005.

But just so you don't think I'm shirking my duty here, I do have a brand new resource for you. I found a television listing of all the Christmas movie and holiday specials for this year. This handy-dandy little compilation gives title, network, date, and time of airing. I mean, wow! You can plan your entire Christmas viewing schedule for the next three weeks. (You're welcome.) Mine's already printed and highlighted.

As always, I'm open to additions, corrections - even a disagreement or two (though I'll ignore you, probably, if you disagree with me).

Now, get the popcorn and hot chocolate ready to go, slip into those flannel (shorty) pjs, and spend some time with a few old friends.

I triple-dog dare ya'! Nyaaaaah!


Anonymous said...

Bahhhhhh. Humbug.

MaryB said...

Whhhhaaaaaaaat? We'll have none of that Scrooge-ness around here (except for the films mentioned in the post).

Liz said...

Aw, is there a British version? It's just what I need.

Rainbird42 said...

Does any studio do an original Christmas movie anymore? Now days, a Christmas movie is one released on December 25 - like the new Marley: "Marley & Me".

Anonymous said...

I still think that "A Christmas Carol" is the best Christmas story (movie) ever. The made-for-TV version with George C. Scott is especially good.

MaryB said...

Liz - Peter Moore and I tried to figure out a British version a few years back, but our conclusion was that so many Brit actors star in these Christmas classics, that we'll just have to consider them "Trans-Atlantic."

Rainbird - Yeah, most of the "originals" are bland television films, but a few new "classics" come to mind - like "Elf" and "Love, Actually."

Cuz - did you read the "Christmas Carol" post that talks about all the different versions? Yes, I'm a huge Scrooge fan. Favorite scene? Fezziwigs party. And you?