Sunday, December 14, 2008

A simple "thank you"

I placed an ad on craigslist Friday for a dog-sitter, since my regular one isn't available over Christmas. The response was overwhelming. Over 100 people from all walks of life offered to come over and take care of Bailey while I'm in Atlanta for the holidays.

It's a sign of the economic times, I suppose, as the folks offering to take me up on the not-so-great-paying gig ranged from moms and college students to out-of-work actors and real estate professionals. All need a little cash to tide them over. Boy, can I relate to that (see previous post)!

Anyway, I sorted through the field of prospects and settled on 3 or 4 who seemed best suited for the job (I'm interviewing a couple of them tomorrow). Then I did something that usually doesn't happen on craigslist, or any job search site - I sent each person a "Thank you for offering to help but I've selected someone else" email, just to let them know that I appreciated their time and responses.

Many of the folks have sent emails thanking me for letting them know, as it's not often done. Really. It didn't take me long to do it, since I was using a standard cut-and-paste response, but I did insert the person's name after "Hi," which made it more personal I guess.

The point is that folks need a little (or a lot) extra right now and are searching for ways to make ends meet. The least I could do was send along a "Thanks, I appreciate it" to let them know their offers were welcomed. Now, how hard is that, eh?


Anonymous said...

I see a BIG "Thank You" is in order.
Thank you for scouring the pashmina street vendors in NYC and getting them posted to Georgia. With all you have to do I really appreciate the time it took for you to do this for me. That being said, we will now cross our fingers and see if we can all make a few bucks.
I had purchased several when I was in the city last month. All my lady friends on whom I have bestowed these lovely shawls have been very appreciative ...
(oh, don't be silly!!!)
They have been appreciative of the quality and style. Now let me retail a few of these suckers.

Anonymous said...

I forgot... Great Family Christmas
Party today in Sharpsburg. We really missed you, and Kate. Oh, BTW you were talked about! Mostly good, of course.

MaryB said...

Bro - let me know when the pashminas arrive (should get to you tomorrow via USPS) and what you think. It made me sad to miss the family Christmas party today. Ashley's posted some pics on Bully Bartows/Facebook. I hope next year's party will be a little closer to Christmas so that I can be there! (And, you're welcome.)

Anonymous said...

Another "Thank You" for saying
"You're Welcome" instead of the new,
lame, "No Problem". One of my pet peeves! What's that all about???

Kittie said...

And, I know my pashmina (blue, as in bridesmaids) is in the mail, too. Actually, I would be more than happy to put a check in the mail.

I concur with your brother that we certainly missed you at the family gathering yesterday. I vote for a day closer to Christmas so our many relatives who need travel time can make the party.

Happy Holidays, Mary! Love, Cousin Kittie

MaryB said...

Kittie - well, you can get your blue pashmina from me (free) or pay Bro Bill an exhorbitant mark-up fee. :-) I'll get you a blue pashmina, darlin'. And yes, I hope next year's gathering will be on the 19th or 20th.