Friday, July 11, 2008

The Midsummer Slugs

I am a big old summer slug. I have the day off, and the weather's gorgeous. I should be out-and-about doing all sorts of things. Or, if not venturing outside, I have plenty of stuff to do inside - cleaning, packing for my trip to England next week, writing, reading - well, lots of things. All I seem to want to do is just veg in front of the TV today.

Work has been so busy lately. Still, that's no excuse. I should get out and make an effort. I'm going to blame it on the Midsummer Slugs. Thinking about everything I should be doing just causes me to burrow deeper into my easy chair.

Maybe tomorrow . . .


jomoore said...

I, too, am being a slug. And enjoying it hugely! I don't even have the redemption of a sun alignment/skyscraper phenomenon to snap me out of my sluggishness. I will just carry on knitting instead.

chux said...

i think you have to veg out like this sometimes. Or should I say slug-out?

Its your mind and you body telling you to sit back and let the batteries recharge as you have been overdoing it lately.

Enjoy your slugishness, just dont leave any slime trails.

MaryB said...

Yes, I'm living into my slug-ness this weekend, though I have forced myself out a couple of times.

Ooh, Jo - what are you knitting? Another fine hat?

Chux - yeah, I'm trying not to leave a slime trail. And I'm avoiding salt-shakers.