Friday, July 18, 2008

God bless Albert, Pan, and Micky D's

Well, I made it. Got to London last evening around 7:30, almost 45 minutes early, if you can believe it. Made my way to my hotel at Lancaster Gate. Tiny room, big price tag. Everything here is sooooo expensive. Or maybe everything in the US is soooooo cheap. Even given the exchange rate (lousy), things cost twice what they do in Little Old New York. I don't need to eat whilst I'm here, really. This will be great for my diet!

Rolled out of bed, had breakfast (included in said big price tag), then crossed Edgeware Road and spent the morning boppin' around Hyde Park. Walked straight through to the Albert Memorial and Albert Hall. Ahhh, poor old Vickie! She did miss that guy when he died, eh? And the Proms are happening at Albert Hall - wish I had time to take in one or two. Been there, done that, though. Still.

Sauntered by the Serpentine and Princess Diana Fountain, though it's hardly a fountain. Then found Peter Pan and some lovely flowers. Exciting morning, eh? Then I went back to my room and crashed for a couple of hours - the time difference finally taking its toll.

Always the bargain hunter, I refuse to pay 6 pounds 99 for the hotel's internet service, when good old McDonald's is around the corner and offers free wifi. Why, I'm sitting in the big MD's right now. A salad. And just the meat (and I use that term loosely) from the burger, I promise. Coke tastes like Pepsi - way too sweet, but maybe the caffeine will wake me up.

Big plans tonight, friends. A meet-up with the Moores (Jo and Chris) in Weybridge for dinner. We'll take lots of pictures and talk about all of you, I promise! Wish Pete (the other Moore), Chux, and Liz could join us. Well, maybe next time. I'm scheduled to come back to UK the first part of November.

OK. I've finished my meat and salad, which tells me it's time to end this blog. Tonight Weybridge. Tomorrow, Canterbury.


Anonymous said...

You be careful "over there."


Liz Hinds said...

Definitely in November! I'll travel - I'm happy to.