Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good times and bum times, I've seen 'em all and my dear . . .

I'm still here. (I love stealing from Stephen Sondheim!)

I am still here. I have survived a major conference, new job expectations (the small print stuff), the heat and humidity of Baltimore, several testy meetings about websites and branding, and a general early-summer malaise (why can't I be on summer vacation, too??). I've learned a lot about planning and pulling off a conference and even more about human nature, most especially the great chasm of difference between the Can-do's and the Whiners.

Currently, I'm preparing to welcome my four childhood buddies, arriving Sunday for a week's stay in New York. We always get together for a weekend over the summer, just to catch up with each other's lives and play remember-when. But since NYC was chosen as the destination, the girls decided we needed a week to do that. So I have a full slate of tourista activities planned. I'll post about it so that you, too, can enjoy the latest episodes of "Fun (Not Sex) and the City," coming to a blog near you next week.

Sorry I didn't post about the passing of the great Harvey Korman, but Pete did - so, here's to you Hedley Lamarr . . . and Rhett Butler and all the other great characters you played on The Carol Burnett Show. Who's gonna crack up at Tim Conway's antics now, eh?

You all seem to be doing fine without me. I'll get back on the blog-go-round soon. Stay cool (and avoid tornadoes), my friends.

Lord knows, at least I was there, and I'm here.


Winston said...

Have a "peachy" time with your Jawja fwiends. Glad to know you are OK. Stop by again someday.

MaryB said...

I shall have a peachy time, Winston, but actually the friends aren't from Jawja - they're from Tennessee (well, one now lives in Alabam). One's even from a place called, er, let me see - Franklin, Tennessee. Every heard of it?

Elsie said...

Oh, the whiners. Forget all about 'em and have a great time with your friends! So glad to hear all is well -- I was beginning to worry.

I spent many nights with Harvey Korman and will never forget him.

And avoid tomatoes, too.