Sunday, June 15, 2008

The girls are goin' on the town

Every June four of my childhood girlfriends and I get together for a weekend of catching up, looking forward, and - of course - food. The venue rotates through the group: two are still in Chattanooga, one's in Franklin, Tennessee, and one lives on Sand Mountain, Alabama (no, seriously). All the years I lived in Atlanta, my house was a popular destination because, well, because it was in Atlanta, and we could hook up with even more old friends who'd moved there. Kate refers to this annual event as "The Old Ladies' Slumber Party."

But now I'm in New York. Somehow, one weekend just wasn't going to do, so Linda, Susan, and the two Sharons arrive today for a week's visit. Two of them, I think, have never been to NYC. Everyone stated their sight-seeing d'ruthers a while back, so the week ahead will be quite the Manhattan Marathon.

Tonight, we're having a pre-theatre meal at The Hourglass Tavern before heading to the Shubert for Spamalot. I've seen it - remember, I sat 10 seats down from Liza when the show was in previews? - but I got a great deal on great seats, so Spamalot it is. I guess the deal was available because most shows will be duking it out at Radio City Music Hall for the Tony Awards this evening. Anyway, I thought we should play it safe with a rousing, funny show, rather than a subdued one. So there's a plan for tonight's entertainment.

My concern is how five grown women are going to bed down in my tiny apartment. I actually have places to sleep - 1 double bed, 1 full-size sofa, and a queen-size air-bed, but where that air-bed's going, I have no idea. Wonder how they feel about sleeping in the hall. Ah, well. We'll work it out.

And Bailey? Well, there was no way five women and a dog would fit in my SpaHa abode, so Bailey is spending the week at doggie camp. I'm trusting that it's more the fun kind of camp and not the army kind. No, I did check it out. It'll do her good to be out of Manhattan for a week.

I'll try to post throughout the week as The Girls Do New York. Now, off to La Guardia to meet my buddies!


Anonymous said...

You have so many wonderful things planned with your girlfriends Mary. And don't worry about everyone sleeping over at your place. Oh what a great big pajama party! So you're a little squished in your little place...who cares...what a blast. Enjoy every minute Mary. Are you going to tell a bunch of stories and do each other's hair? Bailey will be going nuts..... Hugs, Joy

Elsie said...

Sounds like fun already, and you're just getting started! Have a wonderful week. There's nothing like great girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

All of you have aged gracefully!! The years have been very kind to all of you. All of my classmates are either dead or are like me:Bald , crippled or blind. It must have been that wonderful raising you all had, Still some of the best looking babes from Brainerd...JMB

Liz said...

Have a wonderful time! And tell us all about it.

chux said...

hope you girls are having a top laugh! Sounds like you are almost camping out with the air bed and the confined spaces!!

MaryB said...

Thanks, all. It was a fun week. (And no, we didn't do each other's hair - no telling what the outcome would have been on that!)

And thanks for the compliment, Jay!