Friday, December 01, 2006

Playin' Catch-up

Well, that's what I get for leaving town for 8 days. This is the first chance I've had to pull my nose out of my work since I landed back here Wednesday morning. And I return to Atlanta two weeks from tomorrow, so that nose better find its way back to the grindstone within the next few minutes.

First thing off the bat when I returned was a meeting with the new Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori. She's meeting a few of us at a time, otherwise it would be to overwhelming. We were charged with introducing ourselves, telling a bit about our specific work, and what motivates us. She's very gracious and attentive, with a good sense of humor. At the end, she called each of us by name - not looking at notes, but looking into our eyes - acknowledging what we'd said. Anyway, it was a good way to get back into my work here.

The other thing that's taken up most of my time has been re-creating content for the new design structure of the Office of Anglican and Global Relations' website. The current site is a complete mess - totally illogical and no help to anyone. I love the new design, which should launch before I leave in two weeks (God-willing). Revamping all the content is overwhelming - yes, you take it a page at a time, but as you know, one page leads to 5 or 6 more pages - aargh! The good news is that I wrestled it to the ground yesterday and have only a few more pages to go. I'm sure I'll be tweaking it till the cows come home, but for now, I just want to get it out there.

I'm glad it's Friday. I plan to stroll around and look at the Christmas windows on 5th Avenue this weekend, and of course, nip over to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. The Park Avenue trees (two on every median between 47th and 96th!) light up on Sunday - can't wait for that. It'll make those dark winter walks with Bailey a little brighter!

Here's what I'm wonderin' today:
  • Where will the Christmas-present-buyin' money come from?
  • Do I dig down to buy my practical winter boots now, or wait till the first storm hits?
  • How the hell do we keep Britney/Paris/Lindsey off the streets (and the television)?
  • Ditto for George Bush?
  • What happened to 2006? (I'm still writing 2005 on correspondence . . . )
Ah, well, this New York working gal needs to finish her boiled eggs and toast and get back to work!


Elsie said...

Whew, you're one busy lady! I'm sure your project will turn out just great. I hope to get the chance to meet Bishop Jefferts Schori someday myself. Lucky you.

Advice about boot buying from a northerner -- do it now! There's nothing worse than waking up to find a good six inches or more and to have no boots! Yes, it's happened to me. Walking around in sneakers just won't cut it. And no matter how great the weather forecasters may be, they still sometimes get it wrong.

And please, please don't worry about present buying. I can't imagine that the family you talk about so warmly will care if they get a thing from you. Your presence will be present enough! Enjoy them and the rest will fall into place.

Winston said...

Elsie said it. Buy the boots now. You'll thank us later. If it is a gift for me you're worried about - don't. Just go to the bank and take out a loan and be done with it...

Joy said...

Buy those boots NOW Mary. Don't wait to freeze your tootsies off. My daughter, who lives outside of Boston, tells me all the time that she gets our weather right after we do. Don't take a chance.

BTW...I totally agree about The Three Stooges...and The Little Dummer Boy too.

Tamar said...

Yes, yes ... by the boots. And for what it's worth, my personal money philosophy is "money comes and money goes." And perhaps that is why I never have a whole lot of it. Oh yes, and ... be here now!
I envy you walking around seeing those shop windows, the tree, the lights! Wonderful!

Tamar said...

hmm ... I meant, "BUY the boots!"

MaryB said...

Thanks for the "boot" support, friends. I nipped out yesterday and bought a pair of "stop-gap" boots - practical water-proof Thinsulate fleecy-lined ones - until I can figure out what works best on the sidewalks of New York. Leather or suede? Mid-calf or knee-high? Black, brown or buff? Such a dilemma! But I do appreciate your advice.

As for Christmas funds, well - hmm. Still trying to figure that one out!

(Jo - took me a minute to get your "Three Stooges/Drummer Boy" reference! lol! Yes!)