Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Now I'm 64

Yes, the day has come. The day that seemed so far off to a 16-year-old in 1967 when she first heard a catchy little Beatles ditty. I am 64.

Unless something suddenly changes today, there are folks who need me and feed me (well, I can still do that myself). I have grandchildren on my knee or with arms around my neck, though it's Liam and Charlotte, not Vera, Chuck, and Dave. I can let my own self in if I come home at quarter to three (very rare, that), go for a ride on Sunday morning (or any other day of the week), do some damage to a bottle of wine, and can mend my own fuses (though I can't knit, by the fireside or any other side).

It's hard to imagine what 64 is like to a 16-year-old, or to a young songwriter, for that matter. Knock wood for continued good health, I look beyond today to continue putting my heart and soul into my family, my friends, my vocation, and whatever God leads me to do. I hope to write more. I hope to pay more attention and take time to reflect on the small stuff that makes up life. I want to give in more to joy and give in less to stress.

The great thing about getting older is that I just don't give a damn what you think about my clothes, my weight, the wrinkles on my face/hands/etc., my religion, my political views, my choice of reading material, or the color of the rug in my living room. In short, I'm here to be true to myself and be the best mother/grandmother/sister/aunt/friend I can be in my doddering elderdom.

So, 64, I embrace you! Pass the wine!


jcburns said...

Raising a glass of Pomegranate liqueur in your honor, Mary. Happy happy birthday.

MaryB said...

Ah, thank you, John. Cheers!

Liz Hinds said...

First of all I must say I love your header! It's perfect.

Ah yes, 64 was ancient when we were singing along to the Beatles' LPs. I am convinced that today's 64-year-olds are younger than they were though. Women's lib, more freedom, and a greater choice of clothes, for example, has changed how we live during our lifetimes.

I applaud you, Mary!

MaryB said...

Thanks, Liz. I'm still playing with the header; I felt a change was needed. And as for 64 - yes, when I look back at photos of my grandparents and even my parents, we certainly look more like them when they were in their 30s-40s (or am I kidding myself?).