Thursday, May 02, 2013

Tales From The Porch

It was a weekend of memories and making memories. Raucous laughter and earnest conversation. Sweet snacks, salty snacks, a thousand dips and two thousand dippables. Renewal and relaxation. For the second year in a row, friends who’d known each other since toddlerhood or since the first, fifth, or seventh grades gathered atop Lookout Mountain, Georgia, in affirmation that there is something special in maintaining childhood friendships.

Two Susans, a Susie, a Sharon, a Ginger, a Joy, a Debbi, a Margie, a Linda, a Maureen, a Janie, a Chris, and a Mary came bearing bags of fruits and veggies, special artichoke and spinach dips, cheese and cookies, water and yogurt and coffee to the lovely, hospitable Cottages in the Clouds for our Second Annual Barger Elementary/Brainerd Junior High School Girlfriends Weekend. We used Dogwood Cottage as home base for cooking, eating, socializing on the front porch, and as sleeping quarters for half of us and Chestnut Oak Cottage for bedding down the other half.

Most of us had attended last year's reunion (and Debbie and Rhonda were sorely missed this year). We welcomed three newbies - Janie, Chris, and Susan W. - who caught us up on what they'd been up to over the last *mumble-mumble* years.

Of course, I can't tell you everything we talked about (or I'd have to kill ya'), but my highlights include:
  • Joy's artichoke dip and Maureen's cheesy beef dip. Excellent, women! You're signed up to bring those to the 2015 gathering. (Put it on your calendars.)
  • A warm, sunny Friday afternoon, just the thing for sitting on the front porch, talking and snacking.
  • Watching everyone greet each other. Usually involved hugs and laughter. 
  • Relaxing, hard rains and rumbly thunderstorms that moved in early Saturday morning, God's way of saying "Y'all slow down, and enjoy this time together."
  • Staying up till almost 1am with Debbi and Margie, talking family and faith and other big, big things. Yeah, out on that front porch. (Can you tell how much I love front porches?)
  • The decibel level of four or five conversations going on simultaneously. Funny thing, we were all able to keep up with every one of those conversations. We've had years of practice. 
  • Seeing Janie, Chris, and Susan W. for the first time in *mumble-mumble* years. Such fabulous lives we've all led!
We decided to gather on the mountain again in 2015, when there'll be more stories, more food, and guaranteed more laughter.  Here's hoping more of the Barger/BJHS girlfriends will join us on the porch. We're tired of making up stories about the ones who don't show up.

Till then, fall in line, Brainerd Bombers!


Unknown said...

Mary you sure captured the essence of our time together. Thanks for writing this!

Linda said...

Linda Kirby
Great old fun. Did I say old?????? We forgot to tell Janie that you are also a published author. She might like a copy of your published story.

MaryB said...

Loved seeing everybody. We all turned out pretty well, eh? (Though I guess the ones of us who are in jail or dead wouldn't have turned up anyway.) Looking forward to Savannah in June and another reunion in 2015!

Debbi said...

Looking back on the weekend, it is interesting to me (and wonderful) that with all that talking there were no disagreements! I don't remember any political discussions (thank goodness!), but we did talk religion. I'm sure we aren't all in perfect agreement on that, but it was all a very friendly discussion. Where better to talk about our spirituality than a rainy evening in the middle of God's handiwork!

MaryB said...

Amen, Debbi.

Liz said...

What a wonderful thing to do! I have no idea what has happened to most of my childhood friends.

Anonymous said...

Mary, you wrote the perfect description of our time togther. Thanks for bringing back the memories and helping us look forward to making more this year. By the way, Joy, I have your oblong cracker basket and will bring it (I may need a reminder) when we get togther this year. Here's to another great gathering with additonal friends to bring more memories to our hearts and minds.

Susie G

Maureen Hill said...

I will be there with my beef dip, but I will not learn the bomber song!