Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Pianos are Back!

Hooray! Thanks to a generous corporate sponsor, the outdoor pianos are back in New York City.

It was a beautiful Saturday, in the 50's (practically summertime), so everyone was out and about stretching their legs and spirits. Hard to make it any better, unless you add a musician at a baby grand piano in Washington Square playing Debussy and Rachmaninoff to a crowd of all ages. The setting was lovely, even with huge springtime crowds, and I had an park bench to enjoy the music. A perfect, free, beautiful after-lunch concert.

I finally pushed myself off my bench and headed toward Union Square to pick up a few yummies from the Saturday farmer's market there. Low and behold! there was a guy at an upright piano entertaining the crowd with his playing and singing. Little children were running around, dancing and flailing their arms around, while the rest of us kept the beat however we could.

Now that I know the pianos are in place for the summer, I'll make it a point to seek them out in Central Park, Time Square, and other spots around town. There's never a lack of willing musicians ready to show their stuff. The piano music adds even more life to this city.

Thank you, Chobani, for underwriting this marvelous in-the-streets musical extravaganza . I eat your yogurt all the time (particularly fond of the pomegranate).

All right, all you pianists, do your thang!


Liz said...

How wonderful! Oh that must be so good.

Chobani said...

We're beyond thrilled to help bring this to life this summer! Making music accessible to everyone is such a powerful idea, and we couldn't be happier to take part in this. :)

Amy, @Chobani

Penelopepiscopal said...

Thanks, Chobani!

MaryB said...

I find myself seeking out the pianos during the summer. Must get a list of locations and see if I can get to every one of them. Yes, BIG thanks, Chobani for underwriting this.