Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Days Fly Swiftly By

Time always moves too fast for me this time of year. I love the time between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, but most especially the week leading up to the big day. I arrived in Atlanta early Saturday morning and am trying to be present in every moment, because it will all be over in the blink of an eye.

The schedule has been jam-packed, running errands, partying with the family, lunching with friends, frantically wrapping presents, even managing to get a few hours sleep every night. But even amidst the frenzy (and I mean "frenzy" in a good way), I'm trying to savor each minute. The traditions and memories of this time of year is what winds me up to go forward into the new year. Sounds like a lot of pressure for a few days out of 365, but even when I've encountered a "blue" Christmas or two in my life, enough of the season's spirit works its way into my soul.

Highlights so far:
  • A long, late lunch with daughter Kate on Saturday. Burgers, a bottle of wine, and lots of time to catch up. Best Christmas present ever.
  • The annual Bully Bartow Family Christmas Gathering, this year for the first time in Dalton, Georgia, at niece Ashley's house. Always fun. Always too much yummy food. Always proof-positive that a big, close family is what makes life worth living. Thanks, Ashley, Roger, Hope, Halle, Bryleigh, and Jaxon for being fabulous hosts!
  • Playing with GrandBoy. Everything from hitting a bouncy ball with a cardboard wrapping paper tube, to dancing around to the Thomas the Tank Engine song, reading storybooks, and playing with his huge array of toy cars - laughter and hugs always ensue. (And he can almost say GrandMary!)
Today, we get to take advantage of son-in-law's day off to finish up shopping, gather the gifts for our Angel Tree family, lunch together, and enjoy every special instant. Still, it all seems to be flying by. I wish there was a way to do all that we've been doing, yet have the minutes go more slowly.

Wonder if Einstein had a solution for this dilemma?


Ashley said...

In my own personal experiences, what makes everything worth all the frantic hustle and bustle is that big "AAAHHH" and sometimes "big squeal" on Christmas morning. Seeing their faces and watching them run down the stairs is ALWAYS the best part. I guess when they all grow up and leave, I'll have to train Roger how to do that, so it doesn't get boring. LOL

Love you Aunt Mary!

MaryB said...

And I think Roger will be able to pull off squeals of delight for you. Love you back, Ashley.

Liz said...

Ours was chaotic and crammed pack of family and fun too. Trying to enjoy each moment and loving having GrandDaughter for Christmas. I had forgotten what a difference a child makes!

Wishing you a wonderful, productive and fun-filled 2012, Mary.