Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shuckin', shellin', stringin'

We didn't grow up on the family farm, but believe it or not, we all did our share of shucking corn, shelling peas, and stringing beans during the summer. Daddy would come in from the farmers market or grocery store with sacks or baskets of vegetables that required a little preparation before they were ready to cook or store in our huge chest freezer.

I was remembering those times as I was shucking a few lovely ears of sweet corn that I got at the market on Friday. Back when the corn came right off the farmer's truck, it wasn't unusual to find a little worm in the corn silks, and as I kid I saw this as a little pay-off excitement to an otherwise boning task. No worms on my New York corn, but it is delicious, worm or no worm.

Shelling field peas seemed to be Mother's domain, with the occasional help from our little hands. It was always gratifying ripping open the pods and hearing the peas - ping-ping-ping - hit the large metal bowl. And once in a while, you'd pop a raw pea or two into you mouth. Sneaky. Daddy seemed to rule the green bean stringing - usually while in front of the TV, though Mother and the rest of us snapped off the ends and pulled the long strings many a time.

Does anybody sit around with the family shuckin', shellin', or stringin' these days? No? Pity.


jcburns said...

I've been doing just that—with green beans, mostly, although we had sweet corn for dinner this evening. Sitting around the kitchen table where Sammy grew up and snapping green beans. For, uh, days, Greetings from the midwest, where, surprise, it is hot.

MaryB said...

JC, it's great to know somebody's still sitting around the table stringing beans. You bringing some back to ATL with you? Greetings from NYC, where, surprise, it's hot, too.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Well, I don't know many who still shuck, shell or string anymopre; but it didn't seem that long ago when I shucked some ears of corn Mary. ~Joy

Liz said...

Aw, I got Husband and GrandDaughter shelling peas last month. Although Husband ate more than he shelled and GrandDaughter wasn't entirely helpful!