Saturday, March 05, 2011

Where to begin . . .

Work. Travel for work. Travel for fun. GrandBoy's first birthday hoopla. Elegant Scribbles projects. Weird weather. Shootings in Arizona. Upheaval in the Middle East. Charlie Sheen.

I know that many people anxiously await the brilliant dribblings of Shorty PJs, so I'm sorry for going such a long time between posts. Too many things have kept me busy over the last few weeks. Only now am I able to emerge into the light and write a little something.

Just for the record, I had nothing to do with the shootings, Middle East upheaval, and - most definitely - Charlie Sheen. I just threw those on the list for the helluvit. But the rest of the stuff has soaked up all of my time. Add in a little time to eat, a little time to sleep, and - poof! - three or four weeks are gone before you know it.

Is everyone else this busy? Well, of course you are. So you understand. Now, let me look at my To-Do List again. Where to begin?


Liz said...

But you do have something to do with the weird weather?

That's squilyss! (word verifier and i love it!)

Liz said...

Elegant Scribbles looks fantastic! Well done.

MaryB said...

Liz - I'm only responsible for blizzards in NYC and Atlanta. Every time I leave town, a huge snowstorm hits. So you may want to follow me around in the winter, since I'm obviously embued with an anti-blizzard aura. And thanks for the kind words about Elegant Scribbles - just finished 1500 envelopes for a gala benefit for Playwrights Horizons. Arm sore.
(squilyss back at ya'!)