Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good Day/Not Good Day

It's been an interesting day. As I sit with my feet up, I'm weighing all the pros and cons of the day. Let's see which list is longer, "Good Day" or "Bad Day," though I think I know how this will turn out.

Good Day:
  • Morning phone call from Daughter and GrandBoy. Always a delight to catch up on his latest antics.
  • Apartment still clean from last weekend's super-clean-up and a week's worth of being a good girl, cleaning as needed. Allowed me to have a relaxing day.
  • Perfect weather, bright blue sky and just enough breeze to keep things comfortable.
  • Great podcast walking tour, Made in NY, highlighting movie and television locations in Tribeca and Lower Manhattan. And, yes, that is a picture of the Ghostbusters firehouse. Must do Part 2 sometime soon.
  • Made a totally delish applesauce-cinnamon-walnut bundt cake.
  • Did not receive any bills in the mail today. Nothing. Total junk mail.
  • Remembered to take a book back to the library on the exact due date. Whew.
  • Did not wait over two minutes for any subway train today. That must be a record for a Saturday, when train schedules are so wonky.
  • Still relishing the come-from-behind win of the Atlanta Braves in post-season play-off game in San Francisco last night. Keep surprising us (in a good way), Los Bravos!
  • Jane Lynch is hosting Saturday Night Live.
  • Stayed healthy and safe. No stomach virus, plague, headaches, or other catastrophes.
Bad Day:
  • Well, it was just a matter of time, right? My beloved Alabama Crimson Tide suffered a totally embarrassing thrashing at the hands of South Carolina. Sad, sad. Still love ya', though, Tide - now, buck up for the rest of the season. Roll Tide!
  • Remember the applesauce cake I made? Well, I really wanted it to be a pumpkin-spice-walnut cake, but I could not find one single can of pumpkin in all of Spanish Harlem. Seriously. And, sure, I could've tracked down a real pumpkin and done it from scratch, but I was not about to go that route. So I settled for applesauce cake. Great, but I was craving pumpkin.
  • I did not win the lottery. Of course, I didn't play, either, but I didn't find a winning ticket on the ground or anything.
Now. Which list is longer, hm? Of course, the "Good Day" list. But we knew that all along, right? I can rise above Bama's football loss and having to make the applesauce-pumpkin trade-off. And if I'd wanted to win the lottery, I shoulda' bought a ticket. So I won't even dignify it as a "Bad Day," but as a "Not Good Day" list. And just look at all the fabulous "Good Day" stuff!

Countin' my blessings, folks. Countin' my blessings.


Liz said...

What a gorgeous boy! Ain't we the lucky grannies?

Joy Des Jardins said...

Why is it I think YOU will always have a longer 'Good Day' list Mary? that's just YOU. Oh the babe is just too cute. He's getting big. Hugs, Joy

MaryB said...

Thanks, Liz - yes, we are!

Joy - I'd hate to go through life looking for more bad than good. So, yeah, days almost always have more sunshine than dark and musty stuff. (And thanks for the hug!)