Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Did you hear the one about the two lawyers who got married?"

Got a punchline for that? Anyone?

The family gathers this weekend for another splendid occasion, the marriage of niece Lizzie to her intended Collin. Both are lawyers, and Cuz came up with the great idea of finding suitable punchlines to the "two lawyers getting married" joke. Granted, lawyers are easy targets for jokes (just google "lawyer jokes"), but we don't want to be too offensive to the profession. After all, it's a good thing to have a couple of smart legal-eagles in the family, we figure.

Now, Cuz has come up with one pretty good zinger (which I won't share here, though I'm sure the Bride is much too busy this week to be following her Aunt Mary's blog). Alas, I've been remiss in offering anything worthwhile. I'm blaming the heat and humidity, which have dried up any smidgen of creativity that might've been mustered for the occasion.

That's why I'm reaching out to you, my Shorty PJ's public, to hit me with your best shot. Send in your punchlines. Don't be shy. Maybe you'll inspire me to come up with a couple of my own. All those legal terms . . . surely we can come up with few double entendres to raise a giggle or two, eh?

Wait! Here's something: "Did you hear the one about the two lawyers who got married? Their Aunt Mary missed the wedding because she couldn't decide what to wear!" OK. Not funny because it's too close to the truth.

So while y'all are channeling your inner Seinfelds, I'd better track down some wedding clothes.


Liz said...

another excuse for a family party? You Southerners sure know how to enjoy life!

MaryB said...

That's all we do, Darlin' - party, party, party!

Anonymous said...

They spent the entire honeymoon trying to peek at each others briefs. BAD, BOO, HISS.....

Looking forward to an entire weekend of festivities. There is nothing like a good old Southern wedding. I'm even coming out of the hills and off the mountain onward to the big city.

Good old Episcopalian "bells and smells" and wonderful music!

Party.. Party... Party


Anonymous said...

They will both be thinking "so help me, God."

Anonymous said...

hee, hee, ho, ho!
See all the fam soon,
MOB, lil sis

Joy Des Jardins said...

Well, you're right in the middle of all the fun right now Mary...and I know YOU will be soaking it all in. Enjoy the weekend sweetie...Cheers! Hugs, Joy

Ole Phat Stu said...

""Did you hear the one about the two lawyers who got married?""

How will they know when the wife is pregnant ? She gets a longing for baloney ;-)

Or . . . They decided to call their daughter 'Sue' ;-)