Monday, March 29, 2010

The Bubble Bursters

Ah, the Bubble Bursters. You know who I'm talking about - those folks you can count on to try and deflate other people's excitement, joy, and enthusiasm. One minute you're sharing a bit of hilarity or good news, then - POP! - the Bubble Burster comes along to instantly deflate the fun with mean-spirited sarcasm or a catty remark. Once in a while you may have a snappy retort to put the BB in his/her place, but more often than not, you're left feeling tainted somehow.

Nobody likes a Bubble Burster. I wonder if they ever figure out why people move away from them when they join a group or just avoid them altogether. And I also wonder why they feel the need to be a spoil-sport in the first place. A need for attention? Jealousy? What?

There's one (or two) in every crowd. At the office. At school. At church. On Facebook. They're everywhere. And everyone can tell the difference between good-hearted teasing and a negative interjection. That's what separates regular folks from the Bubble Bursters.

I have a couple of Bubble Bursters in my life right now, but I'm just paranoid enough to be ready for them when they show up. But I've witnessed other people's Bubble Bursters recently, and I am fast losing patience. What they do is petty, hurtful, and sometimes humiliating.

Wish there was a pin big enough to burst those bubble-heads. Sigh.

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Joy Des Jardins said...

I don't have Bubble Bursters around me if I can help it Mary. They bring a negativity that I just don't enjoy. Sometimes we can't help having them in our lives at times, but I really do try to stay away from people like that. They are unhappy, troubled souls who don't see anything positive and don't like to see other people enjoy the good things in their lives. I feel just like you do....let's stick a pin in 'em. Hugs, Joy