Tuesday, August 05, 2008

No, really. I've been busy.

OK, part busy, part slug. I'm way behind in my blogging since my England trip. I didn't post in England for two reasons. One, I was busy from early morn till late at night, meetin' and greetin' folks coming through the marketplace at Lambeth. And two, I was pouting because my laptop refused to talk to my photo disk, and you have to know that pictures come first on this blog. So, yeah, pouting.

Got back to the land of air-conditioning and cheap food last Friday evening. Never thought I'd think of NYC as "cheap," but 15 days in England made the city look like a veritable Dollar Discount Store (price-wise, I mean). So, simma' down about inflation, Americans - inflation is paying over $3 for a regular little bottle of water or over $17 for a taxi ride from Canterbury West station up the hill (not a big hill) to the University of Kent. The only thing cheaper in the UK is over-the-counter drugs, so stock up when you go.

Highlights of the trip? Here ya' go:

Dinner with the Mo' Mo' Moores. I've already posted about my grand evening with Jo, Chris, David, and Thomas. The meal was wonderful, but the best part was relaxing with "family." We had lots of laughs and proved that blog-friends are real friends, not just virtual ones. I did neglect to mention the beautiful pendant necklace Jo made for me. I got so many compliments on it throughout my time in England. Thanks again, Jo!

Candlelight Tour and Compline at Canterbury Cathedral. Got in on the first-come-first-served opportunity (limited to 50) for a tour of cathedral and candlelight service. We were divided into two groups for the tour, where we saw all the highlights, including the undercroft. We came back together, were given our candles, and proceeded to the altar area for Compline. When time came for the prayers, we walked up to the normally roped-off shrine of the martyr, and encircled it for the prayers and dismissal. It was an over-powering, goosebumpy experience.

Dover. I had Sunday the 27th off, so I took the train down to Dover. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and I latched on to one of the harbor tours for a spectacular view of the White Cliffs and castle. After lunch and a cold cider, I schlepped up a very big hill to Dover Castle and St. Mary de Castro. More spectacular views. I explored the castle, with its secret underground tunnels used strategically during World War II, and St. Mary de Castro and the Roman lighthouse. Dover's castle and harbor did not disappoint - a great day out.

I'd better get back to this stack of work on my desk. Glad to be home.


Anonymous said...

I love the way you go everywhere and explore everything! By the way, you are looking marvelous! I totally agree with you about prices and us USA folks carrying on and on about prices when all over the world stuff is so much more expensive - including petrol! (ahem - gas)

Anonymous said...

My, but you Episcopals sure get around. Can you imagine the Southern Baptists having some kind of hoo-do in Europe/The UK? Talk about one giant leap backwards for world peace! Can't wait till the big wedding hoo-do in Atlanta.

Elsie said...

Sounds like you really were busy. Great photos, especially the one of the ceiling at Canterbury Cathedral. Glad you're back. Now on to the wedding!!!

Chris said...

No wonder I don't like having my photo taken!
Great to see you, Mary, and am already looking forward to the next time (NY maybe???).
Glad the rest of you trip was a success as well.