Friday, March 02, 2007

Into Africa

I'm pooped and posting from a hotel room in Ft. Lauderdale (at a resort, but not on the beach, so what's the point??). Tomorrow, it's back to New York to hug Bailey, do my laundry, unpack another box or two, pack my bag for Africa, and sleep in my bed for two nights.

On Monday, I'll hug Bailey, drag my bag and laptop to the office, do some last minute planning, pick up my tax forms from H&R Block (toooooooo complicated for Turbo Tax this year, my friends), then off we go to JFK to board a South Africa flight to Johannesburg by way of Dakar.

A contingent from our office has been tapped to attend a big Anglican mission conference in Boksburg, South Africa. The conference focuses on the Millennium Development Goals, especially the one that focuses on com batting HIV and malaria. The Archbish of Capetown is hoping that this work will get the same attention as the recent Primates' meeting in Tanzania, but I think we all know it won't. After all, though all factions of the church will be together for this conference, there won't be any threat of blood and guts (or huffy walk-outs) like the other. Just working on the tough stuff of changing the world. Naught to do with sexual orientation.

After the conference, another colleague and I will travel to the southern coast of South Africa to visit some of our doctors, teachers, and staff members, then on to Tanzania and Kenya to do the same. We'll return to New York March 23.

Talk about a whirlwind tour! I'm excited = understatement. We have a very full schedule (with a little down-time in Boksburg), and it will be wild and woolly. I haven't had much time to think about it because life's been so busy lately. Perhaps it will be more real to me once I board the plane Monday afternoon.

I will be bringing my laptop along and am hoping to blog along the way (or at least, put pictures up for ya'.) If any of you who have been to South Africa, Tanzania, or Kenya have suggestions, advice, ideas that will enhance my journey, don't be too shy to shout out.


Yzerfontein said...

Don't expect too much of Boksburg. Have a good flight from New York to Johannesburg. And enjoy my country - the bit on the southern coast has the most potential for scenic beauty.

Tamar said...

Well, I'm from Zimbabwe but have been to South Africa - but all, some years ago now. I won't give you advice but I am drooling with envy. Paul Simon sings about the African sky. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip, dear blogger buddy!

Clare said...

Cape Town is amazing, I was there over Christmas. Try to get to Boulder's Beach to see the penguins if you can :) It sounds like an excellent thing you're doing, have an amazing time!

Elsie said...

Enjoy your adventure. Hoping it's wonderful and that your work is a big success.

Liz said...

I thought you'd already gone! Obviously got my wires or dates crossed. Ah well, have a great time in between the working! It will be an adventure.