Monday, April 10, 2006

What'd I Miss?

I've been out of touch lately. No time to worry about anything that doesn't involve New York apartments, packing away a lifetime of stuff and figuring out where to store it, making elaborate checklists to ensure I leave my current job tidy and organized, or just finding time to sleep.

I know I'll regret living in this whirlwind later, when important pop culture questions may arise in trivia contests and I won't have a clue as to what happened during this slice of time. So I'm depending on you, dear friends. Fill me in.

Any celebrity meltdowns, births, deaths, unfortunate affairs I'm missing?

Are we still in Iraq? Is Bush still President?

Any good films I'm missing?

What's happening on The Sopranos? (I did watch Santos win the Presidency on West Wing last night. Still sad about Leo. Sniff.)

Is it Spring yet?

Help me. Please. Give me a clue - what am I missing?


Joy Des Jardins said...

You are so funny Mary. Yeah, West Wing was really good; but if you think you got teary then, watch out for NEXT week's episode...I'll be blubbering like a baby. Sopranos was good. Mostly about Tony feeling the need to firmly ensconce himself back in the position of power.

I hope you're not frying your brain or any other part of your body trying to get this move organized. It's an amazing undertaking Mary. I am in awe. Take care of yourself.... -Joy

chux said...
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chux said...

Erm, well UK and U.S have decided to amalgamate and make a super dooper nation called the United States of Kingdom. The cooperative heads of this new arrangement are Big Arnie Schwatzizface and Madonna.

No seriously now, i was only joking about Arnie. Actually it'll be Hugh Grant with madge!! (Madonna)

Only thing I know is that Lost series 2 is about to start at long last in the UK!! yaaaaayy Oh and the new new Doctor Who too!

Not convinced this is of much help, but there you go!

Anonymous said...

David and Maddie finally did it!

Woops, no, that was 1987, sorry.

I don't know what's going on.